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1 localhost commented Permalink

I'm interested in this bit of your post: "the licensing and Joint Copyright Agreement and trademark issues are non-starters for me. "

Are you saying that these issues make Restlet a non-starter for you? Or something else?

2 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the further input.

When I saw that trademark issue, it made me think of the recent Hibernate (TM) :) trademark panic.
My take on that discussion was that you just had to watch how you used the trademarked name in a sentence. I'm note sure of the legal ins and outs, so maybe there are other things to be wary of, but I didn't think that the trademark's existence extended in any way to use of the code. I don't know for sure though.
I've been messing with Restlet a bit over the past few weeks and I'm really digging it. I hadn't noticed the legal bits, so thanks for bringing them up.

3 localhost commented Trackback

I know a lot of people have been "digging" RESTlet lately; I've looked at it a few times, and I'm either not looking at the right docs, or I'm jaded. I've built a number of HTTP server interfaces over the years, I don't see much special here. That's just me, though.

I'm certainly glad people are finding server-side interfaces they enjoy using. Definitely glad to see innovation over servlet; we need some new blood pumped into the environment.

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