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1 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

I use this feature very much and its very useful specially when I have posted somethings to forums...

2 naoyam commented Permalink

Suma, thanks for your comment.<div>&nbsp;</div> Its amazing what I can have comments on a Japanese written post from abroad.<div>&nbsp;</div> I find that there are still many people that do not use Twitter at all. And you cannot force them to. But because twitter provides data simpley as data feeds, you can just add people of your interest to you favorite feed reader and this seems to be a good step to begin with.<br />

3 SumaChakrabarti commented Permalink

Yes .. its amazing and thats the power of social networking. I read your blogs regularly in bits and pieces as I can not read most of the content as they are in Japanese language. I wish I could read them. How ever, they been always useful in terms of links and tips. Thanks and keep them coming

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