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In our jobs, Valerie Skinner and I are lucky enough to be able to talk to developerWorks users who have great things to say about the site. Here are a few of our favorite quotes: <div>&nbsp;</div> “[I use developerWorks] to connect with my fellow developers and share tips and advice.  Like most geeks these days, I don’t know everything, but I know where I can find everything quickly.   developerWorks is definitely one of the resources I use to learn quickly when I need to.”- Brian Benz, USA <div>&nbsp;</div> "I started using developerWorks from the beginning of my career... [My] very first day my former boss showed me the site...[developerWorks] pretty much helps me every day. The first thing I do every day is open Notes, GMail, a newspaper site, and several forums from dW. [developerWorks] helped me to get in touch with several people that really helped me out when I was starting in my career. Now besides the technotes, I use the dW forums, and improve my relationships. My hope is to have several people with different skills to be able to help out each other." - Sebastian Fratini, Argentina <div>&nbsp;</div> “I use developerWorks as a focused network to communicate with professionals from the gurus to the users. Though developerWorks, I get to hear what people have to say, learn new ideas, get technical information and more. I like to think I don't just gain from it but also contribute. More than anything, I use it to answer questions in Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest forums. I enjoy solving users' problems.” - Tamir Gefen, Israel <div>&nbsp;</div> “I became and remain an IBM business partner through developerWorks. It is now one of the richest goldmines of developer education, support and innovation available, and I believe it has always represented and supported the mainstream of enterprise IT in a non-partisan and generous way. I've used it to develop my Java, WebSphere, Lotus, DB2, Rational, Eclipse, scripting, XML, SOA and architectural skills, as well as my toolbox in all those areas… developerWorks has been my key professional resource and partnership from its commencement, and I owe it big time.” - Russell Searle, Australia <div>&nbsp;</div> “developerWorks makes me a better systems administrator. In this job I have to learn, learn, learn, and that is what makes you better at what you are doing. If you need answers to specific questions, or if you are just bored or looking for things to read, this is a place to go.” - Mark Duszyk, USA <br />

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Thanks for sharing those comments, Ms. Johnson! Among my favorites: "developerWorks makes me a better systems administrator." :)

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As the newsletter editor, I am constantly getting positive feedback on all of the helpful tools available on developerWorks and My developerWorks. For example, this week's issue prompted one reader to write: <br /> "Developer works is just brilliant! I am an Engineering graduate and i find it an invaluable source. " <div>&nbsp;</div> Needless to say, I hear that kind of thing all the time, and that sentiment is evident not just in the comments we receive, but also in the number of new profiles we're seeing every day on My developerWorks. It's great to be a part of a network that generates so much enthusiasm in the IT community!

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I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have found exactly what I need on developerWorks, or how many times I've recommended it to clients and business partners. Thanks for making this resource available.