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1 LanceWarley commented Permalink

I'd like to see what comes out of an iPad.

2 sreelathas commented Permalink

Hi Bas <div>&nbsp;</div> Nice article. Was a good read ! <br /> Will be interesting to know your thoughts on IBM Mobile First . Are any of these mobility challenges addressed through IBm Mobile First solution ? If not how are we trying to target enterprise customers with our mobility solutions ?

3 BasPluim commented Permalink

@LanceWarley: I'm curious too, but not so much I'm willing to sacrifice my iPad. Or blow up the kitchen! <div>&nbsp;</div> @sreelathas: Thanks for th positive feedback! IBM MobileFirst addresses a lot of these challenges. I already mentioned Worklight, which solves a lot of the cross-platform issues. Rational Test Workbench for Mobile (currently in beta) will enable automated &amp; remote testing of mobile apps. And IBM Endpoint Manager solves a lot of the version issues and security concerns around BYOD. But I think the biggest impact of MobileFirst will come from the Strategy &amp; Integration services. Our enterprise customers have tremendous investments in existing systems, and enabling all these disparate systems for Mobile is a major challenge. In my opinion, this is our sweet spot. In many ways, Mobile is like the Internet revolution: It's not just about the web site, it's about everything that sits behind it.

4 erankins commented Permalink

Hi Christian <div>&nbsp;</div> Wonderful post, which I found really relevant to today's mobile environment within enterprises. <br /> You cannot track, manage, maintain and develop against mobile devices which are not well governed and locally moved, lost etc. <div>&nbsp;</div> The use of a Mobile Cloud simply solves this and enables the organization to focus on the testing, development and business related aspects of their mobile product and services and less worry about devices maintenance, updates, tracking back and forth inventories, security aspects and more complex - shipping them and collaborating with remote teams. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Eran

5 BasPluim commented Permalink

@Eran: Thanks for the comment, I think you summarized the challenges very nicely. It's somewhat ironic that we've come so far with virtualization and moving things to the Cloud, only to find that we need physical devices in hand again to test! Two steps forward, one step back.