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1 5QR3_Oscar_Cepeda commented Permalink

Leigh, it's funny - when I saw the title of this blog in LinkedIn, OS/2 came to mind, so looking at the actual blog made me smile. OS/2 was also near and dear to me for several years in services and in the Redbooks team. <div>&nbsp;</div> Windows 8 has a challenge in front of it, as you noted. This challenge is two-fold: First, Microsoft needs to convince the market that it's the best choice for an OS running on a PC. This is harder when you have executives at Samsung (ok, maybe they are more coopetition with Microsoft), Acer and others publicly commenting that Windows 8 "is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform" ( That's not good press. <div>&nbsp;</div> Second, the mobile market has grown tremendously, supplanting to a degree what might have been a PC sale. As users of smartphones and tablets, we're shifting an increasing portion of our computing onto these platforms, and this shift will continue as these platforms increase in power and usability. Windows has tiny share of the mobile market compared to iOS and Android, but interestingly, the growth rate is significant (much better than the PC version). My guess is that it will probably plateau in the small double-digits in terms of share. <div>&nbsp;</div> I wonder if there are still any banks in Europe running OS/2 ...