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1 AchimScreen commented Permalink

Bug 1:

We changed both assignments of CAS_SRC_LOG in the mentioned "if"-clause by removing "2>&1":
After that, we changed every line of output to route stderr on the CAS_SRC_LOG:
"... >> $CAS_SRC_LOG" to "... >> $CAS_SRC_LOG 2>&1" too
So, why does VIOS start up these not-for-all-necessary services ?
Wouldn't be a better choice to keep VIOS as a "minimal system" and document the possibility to start these services, so the administrator can decide to enable them or not ?

2 meyawi commented Permalink

I think IBM want to propagate the use of System Director to manage servers underneath, maybe it is more a business/political choice than a technical one, I don't know...