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I am setting up WebSphere MQ Explorer v7 as read only viewer of application user.<div>&nbsp;</div> Issues that unresolved while trying setting up for users which are not a member of mqm group.<div>&nbsp;</div> 1. User can create queues which I want to protect.2. User can set object permission.<div>&nbsp;</div> I've issued the following commands:<div>&nbsp;</div> setmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t qmgr -p YOUR_USER_NAME +connect +inq +dspsetmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t q -n SYSTEM.DEFAULT.MODEL.QUEUE -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +get +browse +inqsetmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t q -n SYSTEM.ADMIN.COMMAND.QUEUE -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +get +browse +inq +putsetmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t q -n SYSTEM.MQEXPLORER.REPLY.MODEL -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +inq +browse +get +dspsetmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t q -n 'AMQ.**' -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +allsetmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t q -n 'MQAI.**' -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +all <div>&nbsp;</div> and give access to all objects that user required eg. setmqaut -m YOUR_QUEUE_MANAGER -t channel -n '**' -g YOUR_GROUP_NAME +dsp<div>&nbsp;</div> I've tried changing settings to solve the two problems above but not going anywhere.