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1 RAJESHPALLED commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> This example doesnt work as it is. I tried the exact steps as listed in this scenario. It is not allowing Bob to get/browse the messages. but it is allowing Alice to browse/get the message. <div>&nbsp;</div> setmqspl -m T1QMGR -p TEST.Q -s SHA1 -e AES256 -a "CN=bob,OU=SOA.ITS.MQA,O=BTMU,L=New Jersey,C=US" -r "CN=bob,OU=SOA.ITS.MQA,O=BTMU,L=New Jersey,C=US" <div>&nbsp;</div> Alice is on system A with AMS Client/Server on system A. Alice can able to get/bwose with above rule. <br /> Bob is on system B with AMS Client only. Alice and Bob have their personal certificate in their keystore on system A and system B respectively. They both have CA's public cert. No matter what rule i set Bob is not able to get message with amqsgetc/amqsbcgc. <div>&nbsp;</div>