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1 SamiRiti commented Permalink

Thanks Neeraj. Your Blog post on MI Queue Manager is really helpful. <br />

2 SamiRiti commented Permalink

Hi Neeraj, <div>&nbsp;</div> I've tried to test this scenarion with RAD 7.5.4 ( with a WAS runtime) + a JMS Stand alone App with MQ Auto Reconnection is working fine from the Java/JMS App as I've given connection name list and reconnect options in the code explicitly. <div>&nbsp;</div> WAS MDB + Activation Spec though was not able to reconnect to the stand by queue manager in my testing.I was just wondering about the WAS version from your test environment. Could you let me know the version of your WAS server? <div>&nbsp;</div> In your blog post, I did not see a custom property for this line of code "mqConnFact.setClientReconnectOptions(WMQConstants.WMQ_CLIENT_RECONNECT); . You have explicitly mentioned that connection name list has to be added as custom property. Isn't the 'Reconnect' option needed as well for JMS CF and Activation Spec definitions? Please clarify. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks and please let me know if I can directly e-mail you for any questions regarding this test case. <br />

3 neekrish commented Permalink

Hi Raghavendra, <br /> Happy to know that you liked the blog post... Just posted another one <div>&nbsp;</div> I have mentioned the versions I have in that ... In WAS the connectionNameList is sufficient to be set ... Its the WAS reconnect logic that's used in conjunction with MQ JMS while connecting to Multi-instance queue managers. You need those additional options only in the standalone program <div>&nbsp;</div> Disclaimer: Each posting on this site is the view of its author and does not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions. I do not guarantee correctness of the opinions or content or sample code presented here. Use it at your own risk.

4 SamiRiti commented Permalink

Thanks for the version info Neeraj. <div>&nbsp;</div> I did some debugging on my WAS server today by enabling the JMS Trace and I think I found the problem. Our WAS Server, even though is at level, the Resource Adapter is still at level. So I updated the Resource Adapter and restarted the WAS server and now at least the CF and Activation Spec are not throwing any errors during the server restart. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'll work on testing the MI failover and will update. <div>&nbsp;</div> I really like your blog posts. Keep them coming :) <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 SamiRiti commented Permalink

After upgrading the Resource Adapter to, the code worked as expected.

6 neekrish commented Permalink

Thanks a lot Raghavendra.... Just posted another blog: