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By default can you show the paperclip (attach) toolbar icon in Notes 8 for email.


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Why does Samantha need a "Cut" icon in her View? Disable it.

Please allow developers to disable the Cut, Copy, and Paste options in a View. This would be set in the View Properties. No, this isn't a security setting. It's a "clumsy user prevention" setting.

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I would go for the *consistent* option (1) over maximal screen efficiency or whatever. I think people will work out most things if they are logical and consistent, even if they are not optimal.

I *really* like the cell properties pane in the spreadsheet picture btw.
I concur about the cut, copy paste icons and functions in a view. Simple, per users design-time control over the availability of these would be a real boon.
Andy :)

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I would definitely opt for the first option (two rows of toolbars).

Well, I find myself very often clicking through the tabs trying to find the document that I really need (and currently, I have 8 tabs open, both views and documents). It may not be the most effective way of finding the documents, but that's the way I do it.
Now, if this "tabs-bar" would jump up and down while clicking through it, I think it would be one of most annoying things you could imagine.

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Option 1 is fine.

Also, the reset defaults button needs to work properly in Notes 8. If a user completely screws up their toolbar in the current release, it doesn't seem easy to get things back to normal again. Being able to lock down toolbars to a standard default via policy would also be appreciated.

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Why would you not move the search box to the far right corner of the menu bar, above the toolbars?

This way it would "always be there", and it would not take up space for some potentially more useful buttons in the toolbar area.
You may say that MS Office 2003 (maybe also Office XP) does it this way, but it is not bad to copy good ideas.

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@Brian - Amen to moving "Cut, Copy, and Paste options" to View properties dialog. This has been a support nightmare.

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I like that idea of "fixing the toolbar" (just like XPs taskbar) so accidential hits don't move it around.

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We MUST have the Navigation bar on and the Back button MUST be left-justified at the beginning so our users can take advantage of those mouse skills inculcated while using browsers.
Well, I hope I was not too wishy-washy on that point!
I vote for the 2 tool bars to start with for consistency.I agree with others that the Tabs/Launch bar does appear to take up too much real estate. How about a modicum less glitz and a dash more readability.
Keep up the Good Work,Bob

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Hi, at first the design looks really nice.

- I would prefer the "four toolbars on 2 rows" solution (but i don't see this really "that" important, as you can customise it the way you like)
- @stisum: To move the quick-search-bar to the "menu-bar" and have it displayed all the time is a good idea. (There are still too many users who don't use full-text searching. Oh and it would look/work like Firebox :-))
- @Roland Reddekop: The option to "lock down" my current toolbar settings would be nice.(However i don't know if this could be easily done with "context sensitive" toolbars)
- I also agree that the Tabs/Launch-Bar can be a little smaller in height
One additional question:
I the "Spreadsheet" screenshot i can see that the "properties" are in an attached menu on the right. Will this be the new display for "properties" in the Notes-Client as well or not ? What about the current "floating/flying"-properties-box ? Will it go away or not ?(If not how will it look like ? Can we resize it at least ? Or copy static texts (like ReplicaIDs) out of it ?)

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I like the new search bar.

I believe you must try to get the less toolbars for the user as possible.
Having three rows of toolbars seems too much for me, i need more space to view tha data i work with (views, mails, etc..).
Having just one row of toolbars will be the best so you can have more spae for displaying documents and views.

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A few quick responses -- we'd put the search contols at the end of teh menu barif we could, but we're usin ga standard eclipse control for the menubar, and so we can't do that (in this release anyway) until we build our own or get the Eclipse rich client platform to improve their menubar.

You can always right-click to turn back on whatever toolbar we turned off.
We are designing for 1240x768. That's teh resolution I run specifically to make sure the design is usable at that resolution. On smaller screens you might not want to deploy the sidebar. (You can also float the individual panels of the sidebar).

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@stisum - Please speak for your self and do not generalize your displeasure to include eveyone else (From your post "You are not leaving the audience pretty impressed with these kinds of excuses." Should have read "You are not leaving me impressed with these kinds of excuses"). You do not speak for me.

Personally, I would not want Lotus Notes to use non-standard eclipse controls. The reason - it would make the Hanover Client's UI different from any other application written in eclipse.

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@MaryBeth #1 - I am sure you know how to reuse standard eclipse control for menu bar, and modify it to fit a small search box. You are not leaving the audience pretty impressed with these kinds of excuses. This sounds like:a) We don't know how to do itb) We don't want to bother at the momentc) We don't have the resources to do it right now

Reorder the excuses as you wish.
@MaryBeth #2 - Hm, 1240x768, pretty non-standard resolution if you ask me. It must be 1024x768. Don't make the whole thing too wide, please :-)
@Charles Robinson - What on Earth made you think I confused the tabs and the toolbar? So just for you, once again:Imagine you have 10 tabs open, and most of them with caption "Untitled". Now, you want to find one particular document between these 10. You click on tabs starting from left to right, moving the mouse horizontally. Now, if the number of toolbars changes for different types of Notes documents/productivity tool documents, this makes the tabs bar move up/down, and you need zigzag with the mouse to follow the tabs. Got it?Status bar is the light blue bar on the bottom :-)

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@Mary_BethFor your information my experience with todays display resolutions is:

1280x1024 (17"/19" LCDs) - standart for most displays1024x768 (CRTs and standart LapTops) - still very often used800x600 (very old CRTs)- not existing (for very few unimportant exceptions)> 1280x1024 + atypical display proportions (hight end LapTops) - these are a minority in count, but used by 'more important' users and their count is rapidly increasing
1240x768 ??? don't know what uses such resolution
I would recommend to focus on the 1024x768 resolution.

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