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Santa couldn't possibly visit all of houses in one night (and he does) unless he was able to fold time and space (which he can).

It follows that Santa can and does reside in the same location as the research station at 90* he simply exists in a slightly different plane.
Hope this helps.

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An App Dev persona? You know there's a whole design partner group of us, right? ;-)

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Yes, and we're all going to argue about how "Steve" is nothing like any of us. :)

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Any chance of including tips on how to set up a Notes client with an Exchange back end? I have "sort of" got it to work with IMAP, but unread marks seem to cause duplicate messages under some circumstances. Also, try as I might, I can't get the address look up to work with AD. Any input would be welcome!

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@Chris,Sorry I am fresh out of tips that have anything to do with Exchange!

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For the AD directory lookup, you're doing that with an LDAP account in your client and using that for lookup in mail addressing dialogs,etc. ?
Is your search base specified properly in the LDAP account ?

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