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Is Quickr the replacement for Quickplace? We use quickplace here at work and would love to see a new version with a different UI for quickplace!

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Yes, Quickr is the next release of Quickplace. It's interesting that no-one has really said it is the next version of QP and treating it more as a completely new product, that collaboration in places is a new thing.

We have 200 places and it's taken some time to get users trained and used to using QP, now we're going to have to start again (Well from half-way anyway)!
PS. I hope Quickr is not as buggy as QP7, which has more bugs than any product I know !!

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If Quickr isn't, well, quicker than QP7 then we have to dump it. The MS crowd is doing a very good job of selling their stuff inside of my company right now and QP7 just isn't a fair comparison to WSS. Quickr is, from the looks of it. I'll get us on the beta so we can at least have a shot of saving QP, but it has to be as fast as WSS. The UI looks a lot better so I'm hoping the users think the same thing.

I'm excited about Quickr.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Jeff... I agree with you. My company is looking at doing the same thing by removing qp and replace with Sharepoint. Sharepoint seems to be an easy sale for upper management. We use QP6 and most users find it difficult to use but they love Sharepoints interface. I really hope Quickr will stop this.

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How do I even get a copy of the Quickr8? I'm suppose to test this in house, but no one seems to know where to get a copy...

6 localhost commented Permalink

I really like to understand more about this Quickr (pretty exicitng prdt). I was @ the "Lotusphere comes to you", that is where I heard about this prdt. We would like to test drive this SW, but before that I have few questions which need some clarifications.

1. Is Quickr only a Connector for (Office Prdts, creating Blogs, dogears..etc), then it makes sense, but it is not a substitute/contender for Websphere portal ? 2. What is the underlying architecture for Quickr. Is it J2EE based ?
3. Could you get me a list of connectors being supported with the current release ? 4. If I understand correct the Personal edition is available free of cost (alongwith Domino License), if so what are other editions available ?
5. Is there a Designer for this or Designer is like Drag/Drop rather than scripts ?
I highly appreciate your help on this.

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