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Do they have wireless there, or are you dialing up through your phone? Right now the Weather Channel shows light freezing rain where you are, and snow north of you all the way up to Manchester.

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I wouldn't believe the announcer. Call your corporate travel agent. You may not find a room near LGA, but you'll find a room. And I'm afraid it's going to be a long time before you get out of there. The flights will be canceled because US Air would rather have the plane stuck on the ground in New York than stuck on the ground in New Hampshire.

3 localhost commented Permalink

You should have called me, you could have come over for dinner :-) (I live 15 minutes from LGA)

4 localhost commented Permalink

When you say you are working on Workspace, does that mean you have plans to improve the Workspace, if so what are some of those plans?

I am sure that lots of people (especially Nathan) would like to contribute to a discussion on that topic.

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