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1 localhost commented Permalink

I'm still not sure why the application needs to tell the users which department to call. Surely that will be variable from company to company.

Perhaps just an informative error with a memorable subject is enough, I would assume the user knows who their support people are.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Whilst beta testing 8 an error appeared: "An Error has occur. Please contact your system administrator"

and that was it. There was no explanation as to what had gone wrong nor a suggestion as to what to do to fix it, not to mention the poor spelling.
I know that this is a beta but this is fairly typical of the kind of error message that gets displayed. What is the administrator expected to do about it?
If anything I would prefer not to inform the user or only tell them that a problem has occurred and ask them to restart the notes client and then have the notes client automatically update a central database with the issues that it has had.

3 localhost commented Permalink

sigh. I hope we cleaned that one up. Otherwise, it's another one for the User Interface Hall of Shame....

4 localhost commented Trackback

Thanks Mary!Sounds like a plan :-)

5 localhost commented Permalink

I have the "released" version of Notes 8 five months later and I get this same cryptic misspelled error message whenever I try to block a spam address. Seems rather embarrassing to have a valid complaint voiced over a really shoddy error message and to do nothing about it.

6 localhost commented Permalink

I have a release 6 user showing this error message, so I should imagine it's been reported many times. No ideas on how to fix, then?

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