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1 localhost commented Permalink

Heres a list:

Notice when im scheduling a phone teleconference meeting and let me have a preference to auto insert that phone # in the meeting.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Phone NumbersIP V4 AddressesIP V6 Addresses


3 localhost commented Trackback

Yes, live text. Love it on our Mac iMail and the iPhone. (BTW,have yougt Apple adding Notes to the iTunes list of supported mal/calendar/contacts,yet? Keep on 'em!)

phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses,web addresses (http:// along w/other protocols like ftp/ldap), all clickable to either start chat, e-mail, or add as new contact, or with a physical address to load a Google map.
So what else are you going to live text? And what hooks will they automatically do?

4 localhost commented Trackback

VINs (vehicle identification numbers)HINs (hull identification numbers)Plate registration numbers (not an easy one since it is country specific)

5 localhost commented Trackback

In our MindPlan Composite application we've got a function to send links to mindmap nodes via email to other users. There are two type of links: Notes urls to open the node document (one mindmap node=one Notes document) and one MindPlan://-URL, which is a special URL type to open the node directly in the MindPlan application.

Both URLs are put into the email via a HTML import, so they are link hotspots with Notes://-urls and MindPlan://-urls.
At the moment the MindPlan://-URL type does only work in the standalone version of MindPlan, because there we register this URL type in Windows Operating System.
So basically we would need a way to track that a user is clicking on a link hotspot in a richtext field and only want our own action to be called when the URL begins with "MindPlan://".

6 localhost commented Permalink

Stock Market ticker symbols, and optionally, to know which ones will be winners :-)

7 localhost commented Trackback

You mean like Data Inspectors in OS Xs Mail.app? Nice idea.

Start simple though, I'd recommend things you can scrape into calendars, address books etc.(vcards, phone numbers, dates and times).

8 localhost commented Permalink

@Jim "Jim, I'm an engineer, dammit, not a phsychic!"

9 localhost commented Trackback

Web sites such as lotus, IBM, developerworks, openntf, planetlotus, bleedyellow, facebook, linkedin, twitter, wikipedia, yahoo, etc.

By recognizing this names as sites, users won't have to go through the painful process of creating hotspot urls.

10 localhost commented Trackback

only one wish: AutoCorrect like MS Word

11 localhost commented Permalink

@charles...When you type "tomorrow" then you'll get a right-click of choices like:and tomorrowCreep forth in petty pace from day to daysignify nothingjust kill me now :)

12 localhost commented Trackback

Other user names as well as my personal contacts.

13 localhost commented Trackback

I have been working with some live text lately to launch Web Form widgets and search across Notes databases etc.

I have been using regular expressions as best I can to find the following:
Company Names (The build in one find American company names somehow but not Australian names). It would be a "Name Ltd" or "Name Pty Ltd" or "Name Limited" for example.
Addresses - It can find american addresses but doesn't work so well for Australian again. Also Addresses are often over 2 or more lines so it would be good to be able to find them.
People Names - I don't know how you would do this but would be great if we could identify people names. We could then build a search of a Notes database from that for instance.
The idea would be that you could via a widget define what happens when a user clicks on these items.
I think the flexibility that Regular Expressions give us with live Text is great but it it not exactly designed for users or even power users.
On another topic some thought needs to go into the Widgets sidebar as far as how to manage many widgets. The icons become a little cluttered after a user has say 20 widgets. I think you would be able to group them and even set a preference that they are listed/categorized rather than having the icons.

14 localhost commented Trackback

I think the important thing here is that you can turn things on and off. Live text is great at the moment because it recognises a handful of things. Recognise too much and you'll have entire e-mails underlined with blue (or green) dots, and then it won't be user-friendly or intelligible.

The current recognisers are great - that provides some flexibility. I'd like to see an easy way to do a list... for example:
Staines, Warwick, Bedfont, South Bank, Hursley - all IBM locations in the UK, so could I link them to a widget which looks up the contact page on ibm.com? Maybe it's possible with a regular expression.

15 localhost commented Permalink

Darren has a great point -- too much is overkill, and the user will need a way to disable/enable/add/remove filters.

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