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"5 Medium Samantha can quickly create a page in her journal, from anywhere in Notes"

Can this include being able to create a journal entry from (for example) an email, in the same way we can create calendar and to-do entries?

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So the Journal.ntf seems to be of quite importance. Please could you tell us if its design will be updated to the R8-Mail-design, and since which version ? 8.0.1 or 8.5 ?

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What I miss here ist, *Why* Samantha is using the Journal... IMO the *How its done* depends on in which situation, for what purpose, the journal is used.

But thanks for the idea: currently I've a DB, which is listing the Why, but not the How :-) This "User stories" are a nice way to add this requirements :-)

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One user recently introduced to the Journal expclaimed: "Oh,it's like a personal Blog!"

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Some way to automate the synchronization of personal journal to DWA. Automatically at start-up of Notes option would be nice.

A "when to use what" question. When would the journal be recommended when the personal quickr is released?

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Samantha, should also be able to send an e-mail to her journal in a single click.

Item 8, I think that this is at least a medium if not a high. The way you configure this should be the same as the Calendar/mail access. If you are going to make the journal an integral part of the mail system ion the same way the calendar is then it should be configurable in the same way and be able to perform in the same way.
I use my Journal a lot and have made my own modifications to in. Including adding a field where I can make a note of the source of a document. Many time I receive an e-mail with links in it I wish to remember these so that I can add the link into say my sales or technical resources database. It is important to know where information came from. Also it might be nice to have radio buttons so that you can rate the entry, in the same way as Samantha would rate pictures that she has why not rate the article/document that you are creating and then have a view by the rating?

7 localhost commented Permalink

The points on consistency are valid and important.

Regarding the third bullet under 3:
"A journal is automatically created when Samantha opens a Journal for the first time"
Does that mean create a Journal *database* (i.e., NSF) for the first time? If so, then, no. Instead, just create it during the initial Notes set-up, like is done with mail or contacts. (My opinion.)
"Copy into New Journal entry" (or Note, or whatever it gets called) is a great idea.
I think Craig's "use case" is ideal. Not only for the Journal application, but for Notes in general.
-- Grant

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Thanks Mary Beth, great post.

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