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Comments (6)

1 localhost commented Trackback

Hows about 'progressive disclosure' ?

And - no lyrics for the 'Sametime' song ? (God, I shouldnt encourage you..)
---* Bill

2 localhost commented Trackback

You may have missed your calling in life, Mary Beth... those are great!

3 localhost commented Permalink

@Bill -- hey, "PRogressive Disclosure" is a GREAT name!!!

... and I'll spare you-all the "Sametime "song, however, I still have "This Notes is Your Notes, this Notes is my Notes" up my sleeve (to the tune of American Folk song "this land is your land, this land is my land..")

4 localhost commented Permalink

Seriously, you are a retard.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, very retarded. For all the time you put into creating songs about Lotus Goats, you probably could have found a cure for cancer.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Very Good! ;)

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