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16 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2 is the easiest to grasp on the first look.

(but I am still worried about the activity explorer, especially after reading the definition about Expeditor. Offline or not?)

17 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2 looks the cleanest to me.

I would be great if the order in which each Sidebar Items appears be configurable by the user by Drag & Drop.
In the context of the Lotus Notes 8 Client, as many users operate while disconnected from the network, we need a simple way of differentiating between Sidebar Items that are only available On-Line vs Off-Line. Also Sidebar items that are available Off-Line but with locally cached content. e.g. RSS Feeds.
As you have pointed out Mary Beth, the Sidebar real estate is very limited, so there needs to be a balance between consistency for the on-line and off-line experience and the availability of each Sidebar service. Perhaps a simple visual indicator next to each Sidebar item indicating full, partial (locally cached) & not available while off-line. Or alternatively a warning when the user selects a Sidebar Item that is not relevant while disconnected or provides access to locally cached content only.
In fact, if a sidebar item is not relevant at all when off-line, perhaps it should be greyed out.

18 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2 is also my favorite. BUT I would move the layout options to the tops of the menu as people will probably use them more often.

Also consider Vista sidebar compatibility. Once Vista is out Samantha expects the Hannover sidebar exactly to work like the Vista sidebar.

19 localhost commented Permalink

Just want to mention that the idea of having per-location sidebar settings would be great.

It is very common at some of my customers to see users sharing the same workstation and using locations for switching IDs (and mail settings). In fact, it should be nice if they have all the settings (bookmarks, workspace, etc) changed per-location. Or to have another way of switching users (other than having diferent DATA paths).
Thank you.

20 localhost commented Trackback

Another vote for option 2.

21 localhost commented Permalink

I am ready for Notes 8.0 to be released, I think you should release it today :-)

Opt 2 for me

22 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2. And while I like the option of creating layouts, I think in practice most people wouldn't take advantage of it. I do like the idea of tying sidebar apps to online/offline location profiles so they aren't making request to servers that aren't available.

23 localhost commented Permalink

I'd be against options 1 and 4 for the simple reason that desktop space is at a premium, and every pixel devoted to something I don't use *all the time* detracts from the space devoted to my main work area.

Either option 2 or 3 would be workable, and I lean toward option 2 as looking the most like other menus, and being the most obviously related to what I want to do at that moment.

24 localhost commented Permalink

I get that the user can shrink or expand the sidebar, and can even float it. Can the user put it on the left-hand side instead of the right-hand side? (I'm not understanding this vogue to put things on the right-hand side; I'm seeing it more often, but it doesn't work for me. Focus group of one, though.)

25 localhost commented Permalink

Definitely option 2 for selecting panels.

I like the layouts option. I think it would be nice to be able to switch between related sets of panels all at once instead of hiding/displaying one panel at a time every time.

26 localhost commented Permalink

I go with the flow - Option 2 if with the Admin Policy not only control what widget is available to the User,however the order too and say for the Weather widget to set the Weather Location.

27 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2 is the most accessible for a user without any Notes Client training, which in the UK is the case for most corporates. For the same reason it would be best to make the Notes Sidebar function in a similar way to the Vista Sidebar. (Though many big companies will probably deploy Notes 8 long-before they deploy Vista, or more accurately Vista SP1.)

Option 1 seems very reminiscent of the Notes Bookmark Bar, so its perhaps consistent. Perhaps whatever option is chosen for the Sidebar should also be applied to the Bookmark Bar?
The ability to Save and Load Sidebar Layouts is essential, but only when there are more than say a dozen available. There's huge potential here for third-party plug-ins, more than is the case with the Vista and Mac equivalents.However for the initial release it may be overkill, unless of course there's going to be lots of plug-ins released-with or even shipped-with Notes 8.0.0....?
It would be great to be able to programmatically decide which sidebar plug-ins/layouts are displayed using Expeditor. It would be even better to do this from within Notes itself but I suspect this may be asking too much.. ;o)

28 localhost commented Permalink

I'm in agreement with everyone else about Option 2 being the most logical fit. I do, however, like the idea of being able to have different layouts for different things, but I would just call them by the user defined name, not layouts. Messaging Tools not Layout: Messaging Tools, Cool Stuff not Layout: Cool Stuff, etc. Sort them alphabetically.

I also liked the Ian's idea about having items greyed out if you are working offline and the plugin requires online connectivity to work.
I think the sidebar layouts should be tied to the Calendar Profile document so they would be available on any machine that you are logged in on. I use two PCs and a laptop and sometimes my home PC for work. I don't want to configure sidebars four times. I want to configure it once and have it available on my laptop, my home PC, or either of my work PCs.
Also, it would be nice if I could choose whether to place the sidebar on the left or the right.

29 localhost commented Trackback

I agree - opt 2 seems logical. However, a save button on top beside the pulldown in order to save personal setting instead of in a menu would be good (this should probably just save a "My personal sidebar" with no naming options if no layout is chosen. If you are already on a saved sidebar you should be asked if you want to modify or copy). A common user will not use the save option as described(as it is not used often) since its not very available to them. With a save button (maybe a star with a green plussign .... ;) ) a user would more easily improve their personal sidebar as he/she gets more acquianted with Notes 8. Context or teamroom sidebars would also be good in some organizations (defined by admin or team room owner). If something like that is coming then make sure that common users have the option to override with personal sidebar settings or not.

Have you discussed how to keep the users from confusing their browser favourites from their sidebar layouts ?

30 localhost commented Permalink

Option 2.And without knowing what exactly is the Sidebar Layout it's hard to say how confusing are all those names in the same menu as PanelsAbsolutely not #1 -- it looks like switching tabs and not turning on/off panels.

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