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1 localhost commented Trackback

Thanks for the grammar lesson if "login" is indeed a word, why does the spell check in the notes client always flag it as misspelled.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I second that remark about the keyring. It REALLY needs an explanation, if only to stop the "Notes is weird" complaints.Make it a simple one, just like Windows has one for CTRL+ALT+DEL ("click here to learn how Windows ...").

3 localhost commented Permalink

> Many users think that its an ugly and useless function


4 localhost commented Trackback

While the keyring does have a function I have to agree with the comments above that users don't understand it and think that it is ugly.

I would suggest that if the option to disable it is made available at some stage in the future then I'd love to see an option to place a static image in it's place. This could be rolled out via a policy setting ( and stored locally for offline usage ). I can see where a company may want to put their company logo there for branding purposes.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Hynek,That is a bug. I'll follow up.

6 localhost commented Permalink

There are some sad people out there if they "complain" about the Key Ring, I don't think you will ever please them no matter what you do.

7 localhost commented Permalink

Plesae make the keyring as a option. Default off.And if the button "Cancel" meens exit/close, please name the button exit or close.

8 localhost commented Permalink

Is there a reason why the login prompt is still bland in appearance while the rest of the client is appealingly colorful?

9 localhost commented Permalink

I hope the Username field will display the full DN, not just the CN, since I know that will be a point of grief among many people with multiple IDs.

10 localhost commented Trackback


11 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Considerable newel.

12 localhost commented Trackback

>>>And one last idea is about the hieroglyph-icons in the login dialog. Maybe you could place a pop-up on them with an explanation. Many users think that its an ugly and useless function. Once you explain them its functionality they start liking it. <<<

...so what IS the functionality? can't find any explanation anywhere.

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