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1 localhost commented Permalink

Give a default and let the administrator customize as necessary. Most users could care less what you are doing as long as it continues to work.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with Rick W.

On another note, I wish You would change this littel gem of confusion (wich I have complained about several times over the years).
In the User preferences of the Notes client You have:------------------------------------------------------"Basic Notes Client Configuration"
"Additional options"
* Process Print requests as a background task* Disable View updates as a background task------------------------------------------------------
I know that the wording has become "less" confusing in R8 (as opposed to R7), but shouldn't these options really be:
------------------------------------------------------* Process Print requests as a background task* Process View updates as a background task------------------------------------------------------
Since the little "v" tag in front of the options suggests that something is enabled, then it is very unintuitive that enabling the option actually "disables" it ...

3 localhost commented Permalink

Whats actually the Message the user has to see? More like "Do you have the time to do it *now*?" or "Yes, you are a roaming user now, look what you can do now [without a ok/cancel to do the upload now]"? Right now, I'm not sure why the user has to see this question in both cases...

4 localhost commented Permalink

Oups: "both cases" = the two questions as they are given. For the "do you have time" question a 'Ok / next time' button would be good, for the 'look up what you can do' a Link to the internal help dokument and a 'ok' button is enought.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Dialog is fine, but if your concerned how about a "more info" hot-spot for that 1 in a 1000 user ....

6 localhost commented Permalink

That was supposed to be Dialog 2 is fine ...

7 localhost commented Trackback

Y'know, the basic problem is this...

"This might take some time."
Ummmm... I'm on a computer connected to a network. The computer can measure the amount of data it has to move. The computer can measure the current bandwidth available between it and the roaming server. The computer can divide two numbers.
I mean, how much do you like it when you come up with a design and show it to engineering and they say "this might take some time." How are you supposed to make decisions or evaluate ANYTHING based on that?
"Making it impossible for the user to make errors is the best way to eliminate error messages. Another excellent way to eliminate error message is to make the program smart enough that it eliminates the need to ask the use questions." -- Alan Cooper

8 localhost commented Trackback

Give us the option to:a) customize the message or even allow to have it disabled - what user cares what happens in the background as long as it works?b) define the files that are roaming as their may be 3rd party applications that require roaming too.

9 localhost commented Trackback

Basically, the KISS method. Pithy is better.

____________________________________________________ IBM Lotus Notes____________________________________________________Your Lotus Notes administrator made you a "roaming user". This allows you to get Notes data on different computersTo make this happen, you need to click Yes, belowThis should take minutes
Do this now?[Yes] [No, ask me the next time I start Notes]_____________________________________________________
Finally, below the Yes/No buttons, have a Details twistie, which when clicked, shows which roaming files will be available.

10 localhost commented Trackback

p.s. You can even make the second point more tersely cogent, as follows:

To make this happen, click Yes, below

11 localhost commented Permalink

I'm not so concerned about the UI as I am about the functionality (at least in 6, 6.5, 7) being a bit flakey. When you say "don't ask again on this computer"...it keeps asking. Also, sometimes the user can somehow (by just clicking in the Notes-supplied dialogs!) manage to get the wrong address book replicated to the wrong place--or somehow the process is disrupted--so either their contacts are wiped out, and/or they wind up with a computer with no names.nsf and thus can't even USE Notes.

Fix those issues, then worry about the less/more info, please. ;-) But for the record...a little less info's okay, let us configure it, policies are great, and yes, please estimate the time like Nathan said (though I understand you can't psychically know this; you have to actually send some data to see how fast it goes). :-)

12 localhost commented Trackback

To be more explicit in my clumsy wielding of Alan Cooper as an authority...

Non-modal system message:"Your system administrator has configured your client to enable roaming, which will provide you full access to your workspace, contacts, mail and calendar from any computer you use. Notes is currently building a map of your individual information on a secure server to enable this feature. This process is estimated to require another minutes. You can continue working normally while this initial setup takes place."---------------[Stop the setup]
(The exact wording is just an example. It's the style that I'm trying to get across.)
I would love to see this on the Homepage, but perhaps it's necessary to show it on the Replicator page instead, and force open that page. But definitely NOT MODAL.

13 localhost commented Trackback

Should I point out the amusement factor of having this be the only blog where I've ever been prompted to solve a math problem to post, and yet it's STILL plagued by comment spam?

Which one is more shocking? "buyutucu sprey krem" or "sado mazo"?
Feel free to delete this comment if/when the above spam comment is removed.

14 localhost commented Permalink


Totally agree. Give me the features I had in cc:mail !
We really need the workspace to roam as well.
Will all of this allow Notes 8 to run in a reasonably easy to setup mode on Citrix servers?

15 localhost commented Permalink

Maybe a twisty in the dialog for "More Info" that expands to reveal more information ?

Also some kind of progress bar in the dialog to show the user the state of the roaming upgrade progress would be ideal.

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