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1. Well you know that it exists but who wants to do a right click and select a menu point to get somewhere if you could just use the workspace2. Yes the colours are important3. And the single click is the worst of all, including the fact that the replica selection arrow/twisty is on the right bottom corner and a right click triggers a database/server lookup (what it doesn't do on the workspace)4. Whay do you want to close it. The workspace always ever had one dimension and this was appropriate. And I don't ever want to close the workspace.+ The colour of the icons looks awful, the textured workspace looks much better, old fashioned though+ the unread document count is not easy visible, why does it has to be enabled for each individual 'tab'+ finally: if you have grown up with the workspace it's easy to change. That's the Lotus lifestyle. Fully agree it could get a new design/shape/colour - but please stick with the familar functionality

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I actually do use gridded bookmarks with >1000 user client. We moved users from notes 4/5 to 6 and now 7.0.2 with gridded bookmarks and set that as the homepage. The initial reasoning was :1. Maximise the central administration potential - gridded bookmark items and folders can be pushed out centrally via domino policy.2. The default welcome pages did not contain all dbs3. The custom welcome page concept was/is flawed as a) doesn't allow you to use an external db without deploying bookmark.nsf mods and b)doesn't support failover.

Gridded Bookmarks - cons vs Workspace:- In 8, IBM "didn't care" - e.g. no changes/revamp, colours are rubbish etc.- Single click does not allow you to *confidently* change to a dif replica via the mouse- No ability to "stack" replicas- No ability to add programmatically e.g. via a simple @command([filedatabaseopen]) that you can do with the workspace
For me, it's firstly all about being able to centrally manage and push out changes while "going with the flow" of the supported IBM capabilities. I hate it that I end up having to consider injecting DXL framesets and outlines into bookmark.nsf. Secondarily, I want users to be able to do what they want and also receive the benefit of the central management.

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I tried finding some of my previous workspace ideas on the blog, but the searching sucks. Anyhow, my suggestion was to have the concept of the workspace like Windows Explorer.

So if you want large icons, it would be like the Thumbnails view. If you wanted a list view, it would be like View-Details. The details view would be displayed in the Launcher. The workspace could toggle b/w the various views and you'd have a hierachy of the icons if you wanted too.
Personally I'd leave my workspace in the Thumbnails view as it's easy to remember the 2D location of all the various apps I use each day.
Like others have said, the look and feel of the workspace is real dated (errr. Ugggllly). The look has been around since Notes 3 hasn't it? It really really really really really really needs a complete refresh. Nice new look, skin option, ability to have icons with more than 16 colors or what ever the default is.

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There are several reasons that I prefer to use the Workspace over other options:

1) It is the most familiar interface for me, having worked with Notes since release 2, and I have yet to work with a better interface that warrants switching over to (yet).
2) As a mobile user, the ability to replicate a single database and switch between replica copies is quickest and simplest through the workspace.
3) It provides much more space to manage a large number of databases than other alternatives (partly because other methods are aligned hierarchically in a tree structure) and a tabbed workspace makes better use of the landscape orientation of my screen.
4) The ability to locate and group chicklets on different colour tabs and also the flexibility to locate chicklest in different grid locations and leverage the "white space" of the workspace makes finding chicklets easier (particularly when I have a large number of them).
5) I also have many different versions of the same databases, and the workspace makes it easier to organise them.
Other ideas:
a) The bookmark interface also has some advantages, but I find it quickly gets messy if I don't maintain it regularly (something I rarely need to do on the workspace).
b) Yes, colours and Icons are really important, as they make it quicker and easier to identify objects on the workspace. (perhaps it's a right brain vs left brain thing).
c) I don't really care about the textured workspace, but it is less visually boring than the grey on grey.
d) If the workspace is populated with multiple chicklet types (database, & various link types, then some way of visually differentiating each object type would be appreciated (either subtle difference in the chicklet shapes, colour, texture, etc. would be appreciated. Even the option of user defined themes would be appreciated.
e) I would be handy to be able to place Widgets on the Workspace as well.
f) I would great to have the workspace interface available through the Web browser as well.
g) If I could take the workspace with me to other machines (such as roam, on a memory stick or via the web [or all three] then that would be greatly appreciated). I use the Workspace like the Windows desktop and being able to move from machine to machine and between different Notes versions with a familiar interface is a great feature. More mobility would be a natural enhancement.
i) If you could incorporate my locations data, ID file, spelling & language preferences into a single file, that would also be highly desirable.
j) If there was also a way of consolidating all RSS & Atom feeds into a single object onto the Workspace, that would also be of benefit.
k) If the workspace could be divided between policy based services (that could be centrally adminsitered) and private services (that only I can change) then that would be appreciated.
l) If the background image of the workspace was configurable by the end user), that would make it more visually appealing.
m) If I could configure a way of automatically backing up my workspace (say through replication) with support for version control, undo & redo, and setting the security restrictions to certain tabs, that would also enhance the workspace experience.
As you can see from the above, there might be much more life and innovation potential in the workspace concept, so rather than simply consider the workspace as a simple "legacy" interface why not embrace it as another opportunity for innovation for Lotus. Potentially workspace and portal (or even a combination of both) could be a winning combination.

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1. I have seen this feature, but never used it. Just did not felt right.2. Yes, colors are important

I really prefere to use the workspace because it is way easier to manage applications. Most things are one click away. I would like to put way more different things on the workspace. Links to files (Quickr!), webpages etc. I would be really helpfull if I could color code the background of the checklets, giving templates other colors then applications and so on. Another good thing would be to change the shape of the checklets. A bit longer and less high. Would it be possible to groupe things in a different way then tabbed tables? Multi database applications could be "wired" together or represented with one checklet and a list?

6 localhost commented Trackback

Can you please make the size of the workspace icons smaller or at least resizable?

I do not know big your monitor is, but the amount of icons for a specific set applications (production, test, templates) is hard to manage via the workspace we have nowaydays.
The option to 'group' icons would be a nice benefit, so I only have to select one icon in case I would like to move them to a new tab.
If you look at the information on an icon, I believe a lot of place is taken by whitespace...

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The most important issues for me are:

1) The icons are always stacked. I work on a lot of different servers and I have to be able to quickly open a replica on a specific server. Stacked icons are really not acceptable for me. I would like to have the possibility to stack and unstack replica icons for each application separately, not as it is in Workspace where it is either on or off. Have it on IdeaJam:{http://ideajam.net/IdeaJam/P/ij.nsf/0/85A1ADD3A81F7E09862573EF002DB2B0?OpenDocument}
2) When opening folders an extra tab is opened. It only increases the tab mania. One tab for navigating application is enough like in Workspace.
3) Colors are important.
If you want to get acceptens for it, let the icons have more then 16 colors or even make use of svg.
If it looks nice you tend to be more forgiving about bugs.

8 localhost commented Permalink


How about making the workspace into a tabbed interface where the symbols are standardized flowchart symbols (DB, View, Form, etc), and the symbols can be linked via lines and arrows (as in Visio or Lotus Workflow).
I do like the idea of chosing between a workspace organized into Rows, Flows and Prose.
Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

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> Can you please make the size of the workspace icons smaller or at least resizable?

Yes, check out Office 2007 and Elgato EyeTV3 on how a little slider would be a nice way to re-size the workspace in Notes 8.X

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1.) I knew, I tried, it did'nt feel right.2.) yes, color is important. You can do slight changes, but only if you improve the look. 3.) Double click is important.4.) The drill down is confusing sometimes, as you said especially because there is no way back.

Other important points for the workspace:- It has to be as fast as the old workspace. It's one of the most important reasons why I use the old workspace.- Grouping chicklets anywhere is very important, too.- Please make it look good, just like the rest of Notes 8. - Switching to another replica with the "drop down"-arrow is very, very, very important. The new Notes 8 open list is very good, but it lacks of this feature. - Please make application icons with 16M colours. Notes 8 looks good, it's not understandable why the application icon still have to look ugly. - Perhaps you could implement an option to have one customizable background image (!) per tab. Users would love that. - and (as some other said here) it would be very good to have the "stackable" option and option per application.

11 localhost commented Permalink

One of the things that I dislike about it is that if I send someone a link to a DB, when they open it, it doesn't automatically add it to the Gridded Bookmarks the way it does to the workspace.

I've actually gotten used to it now and am a convert. But all of the points above are valid.

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I agree with Nathan. The automatic addition to the workspace if you open a database is very important. Otherwise people wouldn't find the database later.

13 localhost commented Trackback

I've been using (and advocating) it the moment it became available.I (and I seem to be the only one here) love the single click (and I've been using the workspace ever since 3.0).

What I would love to see implemented/enhanced:- Different sizes (look at how Apple's UI handles resizing in e.g. iPhoto)- Get rid of or hide the 'dummy' icons for the extra tabs- Add a newly opened database/app icon to the user's current grid-tab- Update the icon as soon as the developer changes the icon in design (or when the users opens the app)- Make the 'replication' corner always work (it happens often that, when clicking the arrow, the app is opened in stead of the replication menu)- Have different styles for the squares/backgrounds/shadows (e.g. per tab). This way a tab can have it's own color/background- Make adding an app faster (redrawing the grid takes a lot of time)- Allow the developer to decide to use an resource image as the icon, in stead of always using the (limited) db icon as the default)

14 localhost commented Trackback

So, without reading any of the above comments, I'm going to launch in quickly (as I have code to write)... the workspace is valuable because of all of the things you can do with the icon. All that wonderful stuff you can get to with a right click, and the stuff you can get to by clicking the little top right button thingy.

Obvious right?
But the big downfall with the workspace is it is not very compact. The icons are very large, and hard to keep organized. People who *use* workspaces often get lost unless they spend a lot of time organizing them.
I think what would work would be to combine the useful attributes of the workspace with a file explorer kind of functionality. Keep that explorer in "the workspace" space, not as something that sort of jumps out from the left or whatever. Perhaps there could be some default viewing options, like "By Server", and "Custom" where you could group databases by user defined categories, like workspace tabs are used today. If we could program a special field in every database, we could automatically organize that "view" of the workspace. $$WorkspaceCategory perhaps. And a simple alphabetical organization would be good (necessary) too.
I'm just thinking out loud. It's great you are thinking about this.

15 localhost commented Trackback

I *really* did try to love the bookmarks and the gridded thing. Lack of colors was a BIG deal-breaker.

Having colored tabs will help a LOT. Personally, I do not want to have anything OTHER than databases on my workspace, so at a minimum there needs to be a way to immediately tell what's a db vs something else.
I do use stacked icons, and absolutely need to keep that, since many DBs have multiple replicas. I prefer to click the hinky-minky and grab the needed replica; showing the replicas separately takes too much space.
And as John said, all the right-click goodness of current workspace icons is needed: access to db properties, replication settings, ACL, copy options, etc. It makes sense to find the icon for a db and then right-click to examine or take action about that db.
Single-click messed me up ALL the time.
Bottom line: If you make the changes you've described, I think that most of my issues (Notes-workspace/gridded something related, anyway :) ...will have been addressed.

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