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In general I think they are great! - an easy way to 'Jazz up' existing databases for Hannover clients.
However, I think the ones I would miss are the 'Red' ones - especially 1,80 (which i guess has effectively been replaced by 4,80) and 5,110. Obviously the new versions do fit in with the overall colour scheme, but in the past i have used these to REALLY bring users attention to certain documents - you know if something critical is overdue etc.
I just dont feel the new 'red' ones dont have that same attention grabbing impact - maybe a pastel pink might be an compromise between the new and the old?

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I have to agree with the comment above. Surely, there's a way to bring in a few icons that have more of a stronger red hue to it.

I love the fact all the icons got a more modern look, but maybe it doesn't mean we can only have pastel colors in there... does it?

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The impact of 80 and 81 are lost. Now they are virtually interchangeable, whereas a red X and a red international not allowed symbol weren't quite the same, IMHO. I think moving the check & X down (which is really what you've done with 81 through 84) is a bit odd.

178 and 107 are virtually the same, as are 179 and 112; they don't really seem to have any relation to mail without the envelope, they're just thicker versions of the same arrows.
The red arrows say warning/stop/caution to me; replacing them with gold?! Gold doesn't have any special meaning like red does, IMHO. And the color changes aren't consistent...many reds are replaced with gold, but the red ball is now blue (115)?!
BTW, with all the weird little icons, I'm still surprised there's no printer icon. ;-) Maybe you could add one for 197? I went looking for one just the other day.
Kendall (not a fan of all the icon changes; little color makes them all look alike)

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I agree with Sean that leaving the meaning of the old icons and adding new ones after 188. Even if you use just one byte to store the value then you still have plenty of room.

Having a flag to decide whether you use the old or the new set isn't such a great idea. Why shoulnd't I brush up my old applications?
I also agree with Hynek that the icons *must* have a configurable popup text. My boss asked me once why it says "red cross" when she hovers over a "red cross" in her mail file. She is not blind and wanted to know the meaning. Please offer at least a help look like when pressing F1.

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Is it me, or is one missing?

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I'm afraid I have to agree with Charles Robinson, Sean Jennings, and others who have expressed serious concern about backward compatibility and readability with these proposed new icons.

For the view icons to continue to be useful in my applications, they must not require a user to squint to pick them out from the crowd. I use ALL my view icons as attention-getters, or visual filters - the red/alert icons are just the most important.
I happen to be a big fan of putting multiple icon columns in a view in order to convey as much information as possible to a user without overwhelming them with text columns that a) don't stand out as well, and b) require horizontal scrolling to see. The pastel icons will blend together far too much, and become just as hard to distinguish as blobs of text might have been, completely negating their usefulness. PLEASE continue to use colors that stand out.
I am particularly puzzled by the transposition of icons in the 81-84 range. I cannot understand the logic of replacing the thumbsup/thumbsdown icons, which signify approve/reject in my mind at least, with the checkmark/X, which signify complete/cancelled - completely different concepts.
If the design goal here is create more "international" icons, put new ones at the end of the list. Existing customers that have had problems with certain icons not translating across cultures have the ability to use the image resource approach to insert their own icon (or even replacing the graphic files on certain servers so different icons are used in different countries without coding). Frankly I love the idea of new icons, but PLEASE don't wreck the old ones, as these have been selected carefully and changes will require rewrites of help files and documentation where screenshots have been used. I could easily see lots of "dashboard-minded" senior executive users finding these icons unacceptable, which could delay rollouts in some cases and tarnish IBM's backward-compatible reputation.
In summary...
All in all, I think a good approach to both view AND action button icons is to make only the most subtle if any change to the "legacy" icons, and then maximize the ease with which image resources can be used instead for new development. In the case of view icons, some sort of icon picker would be a big help, as opposed to having to lookup names or numbers manually. You could perhaps add a fourth radio button to the view column "Display" selector, so you would have columns using simple actions, fields, formulas, and "graphics". The new choice would bring up the list of image resources, ideally with previews included, in the lower pane. Maybe it could show the standard view icons too somehow, or maybe that would be a 5th choice for display type.
While we're on this subject, is there any notion in the works of making image resource mouseover text a more explicit concept than it is currently? It isn't complicated now, but it also isn't obvious how to do it.

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No disrespect intended to your artists but no amount of default icons will satisfy all the many applications created by developers. For a program so dependent on customization as Lotus Notes is, will v8 finally allow us to define our own graphics for view icons (e.g. the custom option for action icons)?

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Hi Michael!

I am happy to say that you are already able to have custom view icons in Notes 6. So what is your problem? Simple use the name of a image ressource instead of the numbers.
Ralf M Petter

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In general these are fine. The changes that worried me are in the range 4-9, 110 (and 0-120). We have used some of these as traffic lights (because 3-5,90 are quite small for some of our users). I don't know if this is just a trivial mistake but it looks like the colours have been swapped around a bit?

If this was my local high street, I might be a bit worried when I was crossing the road!

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The new view icons look great, it was about time they got updated :-)

I have some concerns with the range 4-9, 110 as Robin Wills also had. We have also used them as traffic lights, so changing the colors can be a problem. Minor adjusments in color tone is fine but do not change the color altogether.
Also the icon 0,160 changing to a clock is a problem since we are using that as marker for persons in some views.

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I agree with the above poseter regarding the 7 colored balls. We also use those as "traffic light" and now the colors are swapped around.

We also use 3-4,80 quite a bit on workflow buttons, and users can really recognize the "thumbs up/down"
minor ones we use are 3-4,60 for date/time.
I am happy that we get this info now, so we have time to change our applications to use custom icons. So we will just add the existing ones as image resources.

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it seems like 160 and 170 are swapped...i could be wrong. i also agree with Kendall that 178-180 should have envelope and should add printer icon.

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Agreed wholeheartedly about the reds. In general one of the main reasons for using view icons is to draw people's attention to something in a view - the icons you've created will just blend in far too much to each other IMO.

Also, why are the MS Office icons not updated? Those icons are from Office 97, surely an update to at least the 2003 icons would be possible?
39 also seems a bit strange, as a question mark is very useful - update it but why change it completely? (without mentioning in your post that you've changed it either)

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Does anyone know: what is icon 07 supposed to represent?

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At first I think that changing ALL the icons is a good idea and will improve the graphical presentiation of existing applications. Please go on !

The new icon set looks nice, but it seems to be a little less functional then the old one, as many icons are very difficult to identify. (3 - is this a person ?,88-91 can you spot the difference ? (without a hourglass),...) And as already said some could really get more color (especially red)
If you would like to please everyone, then you could consider a new database property "Use old (R7) view icons". This way customers who think that their users are already used to some specific icons, would get an easy way how to change it back.(And they would not need to rewrite their manuals, nor change all viewicons to image-ressources.) And it would be great if this could be applied only for this specific database and not generally for the whole client as it would allow a convenient move to the new icons in new applications.

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