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Looks pretty cool. For what it's worth, I like it a lot.

One question: how do you save and name a layout? Has that been left out of these pictures for simplicity's sake, or is it still under discussion?

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At first blush I like it a lot. Very direct and straightforward. The what's new, recommended categories is a really nice and useful touch.

Very nice.

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It feels very much like the new Google Desktop way to add gadgets ... and that is a good thing :)

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The Panel Manager has "Avalable Applications" but then asks you to select "Plug-ins". This is prone to introduce terminology confusion between users and their admins. Are they apps or plug-ins that you are managing there - choose one.

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Based on the screenshot, I strongly dislike the Organize Panels vertical bar, especially if it is on by default, even if it can be collapsed. The problem is it just takes up much too much screen real estate and doesn't provide nearly enough value to justify that.

Also it is not immediately obvious to me as a user that the Organize Panels label can be clicked to expand/collapse that bar. So now I've got this big bar that is largely whitespace wasting my screen area with no obvious way to get rid of it. Plus that label would be adding yet another way to expand/collapse something in the sidebar in addition to the much better buttons in the corners of the sidebar apps, adding needless UI complexity.
I do like the Panel Manager, though. It looks like one more sidebar app, so it fits in. I'd much rather see the functionality of the Organize Panels bar be made available in the Panel Manager. I especially like the third screenshot showing a Panel Manager with the "What's New" and other sections.
And just one offhand thought: In the panel manager, especially for sidebar apps under What's New, I'd love to be able to hover my mouse over an icon and get a brief application description popup, for those times when an icon and a title just aren't very informative, e.g. "Team Builder" in the screenshot.

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Having Panel Manager open by default means the user does not have to go discover it for themselves. It's visible and they can immediately begin to configure their preferred work environment.
Don't you think that people have been exposed to enough applications that use the double-headed up/down arrows to indicate there is some choice or further option there ?

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Man... so much for simplifying things :(

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I'm with Nathan on this one... This whole sidebar thing is too much sensory overload.

I suppose that anything you do here is good by me, as long as:a) it can all be overridden by the administrator, andb) it can all be made to go away.
Notably, there doesn't appear to be a close/hide control for the whole sidebar panel in these images. A nice big "X" (a la the ones that appear in the panels of "My Yahoo") next to the button marked "messaging" would do nicely.

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I'm not sure that the turning on and off the sidebar panels in the way it is displayed in picture #1 is very obvious (neither for Samantha's nor Bary Beth's ;-) ) -- for me turning something on/off should have a switch of some sort (e.g. checkbox, checkmark). Otherwise it looks like list of bookmarks.

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I think that is a bit too much for the average user. Less would be more. I would prefere to have everything about organizing my desktop under the Launch button. One place to look and not in every corner a little hint that I can do something here.

But I saw something else. No activities when offline. If that is true and the fact that the activity explorer will need a WAS and DB2 (or cloudscape)... I see very dark clouds on the horizon. But in a webcast about Lotus Expeditor I asked that question and they told me, that everything in the Expeditor will be available offline. In that case, the activity explorer is not part of the Expeditor, which brings me to the conclusion, that it is the same thing as in Workplace 2.6, including WAS. How long can we tell our customers, that they do not have to buy new hardware all the time like for Exchange? That is over I think. I suppose that this means that we will install at least 3 servers to make everything work. IBM hardware must love this.Somehow my frustration grows...

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As a user of a multi-screen desktop I don't find these sorts of panels help me. I have the main thing I'm working on shown on one of my monitors, the panel-like elements are often placed on the other for quick reference. So I want panels that are Applications in their own.

I can easily see how I can do this with most of the elements that are in the panel set. Sametime can be accomodated in mail and address books so I don't need that panel. Feeds go into a database (sorry, application) so I can design a view that meets my needs. Calendar already has lots of views I can use in different contexts.

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