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1 localhost commented Permalink

MaryBeth, please also make this option apply when you DOCK the Open List along the left side of your screen. The icons are way too small there too.

On that topic - can the docking of the Open List and the Larger icons be "set" as a policy if we decide we want that for all new user setups?

2 localhost commented Permalink

8.0.1 brokemy right click in my open button menu, i cant even remove or rename a bookmark, or open replica

3 localhost commented Permalink

For most of my users, the icons have been too small. Thanks!

4 localhost commented Permalink

@Mark - yikes! clearly something bad happened and I hope you can get it fixed.

@jfranchetti, yes this option will apply when you dock the open list.
And regarding having a policy - we have a GOAL of creating a policy for every new preference, tho I cannot guarantee that we'll get it in. So-- we are trying to get a policy for whether the open list is docked or not, and whether you get large icons or not.

5 localhost commented Trackback

Great news ! OK about way to access it for right-click. Wouldn't it be better to have a new page 'Open menu' -eventually under Windows & Themes- with th option about docking the Open list, its size and eventually other options to come from the new workspace?

Can we hope being ale to define hi-res icon in our apps (32x32 @32 bits) because look of these icons remains of another age...

6 localhost commented Permalink

@Charles, the plan is to do 32x32.

7 localhost commented Permalink


Je rebondis sur cette information avec une remarque que l'un de mes utilisateur avait fait. Il m'a demandé si il était possible de changer la couleur des courriers non lu (rouge en une autre couleur). Il m'a expliqué qu'étant daltonien, il ne voyait pas le rouge et que le seul moyen était de faire attention à l'étoile devant un courrier non lu. Pour lui, ce n'était pas pratique ! Peut-être une prochaine option !
I bounced on it with a comment that one of my users had done. He asked if it was possible to change the color of unread letters (red in a different color). He explained that colorblind, he did not see the red and that the only way was to bring attention to the star before an unread mail. For him, this was not practical! Maybe next option!

8 localhost commented Permalink

@jean-yveseh, oui. En Notes 8, c'est possible de changer le couleur des "unread messages." En Notes 8, ils sont BOLD , et noir. Mais, c'est possible de changer a n'importe quel couleur dans le "notes.css". Matt Hatem et moi, nous avos explique dans notre presentation de lotusphere http://www.ls08.net/confapps/pdf.nsf/dsfbw/AD204/$FILE/AD204.pdf

9 localhost commented Trackback

next step would be : mking the icons understandable

10 localhost commented Permalink

> next step would be : mking the icons understandable

Yes, more than 8 bit colour ! :-) Can we have higher resolution icons and more colors ! Hover over text with the database (er applications) name?

11 localhost commented Permalink

I will check with Maureen leland and andre guirard regarding the ability to use image resources for the database icons.

I know Andrew tried really really hard to get that into Notes 8 (I tried saying it was a showstopper because we had nice looking icons in the Open List and now a bunch of ugly ones... however, I was soundly outvoted ...)
I know they want to provide that ability in Designer 8.5, i am just not sure where they are on in.

12 localhost commented Permalink

Can we get the "Display as Workspace" back?

13 localhost commented Permalink

@mary beth

Bonjour et merci pour l'info mais le lien vers le pdf ne fonctionne pas.S'il n'est pas tros gros (moins de 10 MO), pouvez vous me le transmettre à :
jy(point)remy(@)nordpasdecalais.fr. Merci d'avance
Hello and thanks for the info but the link to the pdf is not working. If not bigger(less than 10 MO), can you send it to me: jy(dot)remy(@)nordpasdecalais.fr .
Thanks in advance.

14 localhost commented Permalink

Fine, this feature will be great for some users.

Much more helping for enterprises should be an instast pop up/tag/whatever you wont to know wich replica of a database you are opening with single click. I think this is a must!
good work boys, this is the right direction!

15 localhost commented Permalink

Good to see it in preference but not sure you need to put the option on the right click list, there are already so many options in the right click in notes...

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