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1 localhost commented Trackback

I looked at the Lotus Notes page, and I like it. I found most of the info I was looking for very easily.What I am looking for are good/killer arguments for an upgrade. I would have liked to see some performance numbers not just comparing 6.5 to 7.0, but 6.0 to 7.0 or even better 5.0 to 7.0... How much faster would 7.0 be compared with R5, on average?

Otherwise I think it looks much better than last time I checked for info. You may want to add some customer cases. Something like this:"Insurance Company XYZ with 1000 users in 10 branches upgraded from Notes 6 to Notes 7, and the performance increased x% and the amount billed increased by y%." Or something...

2 localhost commented Trackback

Hi, i also looked at the Notes 8 web site and the only thing that i am missing is a link to the Beta download. ;-)) (Just kidding)

Otherwise i was surprised that the content of these pages seems sufficient for me. Looks nice also.The only thing that i don't like is, that the layout width is fixed for 1024x768. You could use all the space that available.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I like that you include screen captures and flash demos of your products. Many of the IBM products don't do that...a picture tells a thousand words!

I'd probably include some more larger screen windows on the main page. Especially for Sametime 7.5.1 as it looks so nice and eventually for Notes 8.

4 localhost commented Trackback

It's worse than 1024x768, the screens are optimized for 800x600. It is possible to design fluid screen layouts that would take advantage of higher resolutions. The way it's setup now, half my browser window is white background.

The content is a little bland and boring, but very IBM-ish, so I doubt that's avoidable.

5 localhost commented Trackback

The Notes page has some new elements that I do like a lot.- Top 10 reasons. They are on the right level for decission makers- Evaluation section. Today Lotus needs to position their product agains competition really early in the sales cycle. This is a necessary and nice section.- Above topics are the good ones, the one I wish would be worked on more is that IBM/Lotus still positions Notes as mainly mail only. Today mail and the other PIMs are available for free with nice features (the most known of course Google). Why not put more inte the rapid application development (maybe for the domino page) and the agility and interaction compabilities as well as workflows etc in Notes. This has been a struggle sice 1985, but maybe some day it will change :-)

The Sametime page is really nice, the only thing a miss is the a section positioning the plugin features. Those are a real competetive advantage against other solutions. Adds real value and extendability to companies.
Great work! Keep it up.

6 localhost commented Permalink

On the Domino page reorder the first sentence from "IBM Lotus Domino server software combines reliable, security-rich e-mail, calendar and scheduling capabilities with a powerful platform for business collaboration."

"IBM Lotus Domino server software combines a powerful, reliable and security-rich collaboration platform for business with a fully integrated workflow enabled e-mail, calendar and scheduling capability."
Don't treat Domino as email - you lose the "punch".

7 localhost commented Trackback

I'm a bit confused why there is a seperate SameTime client at all. The Notes 7 and 8 Instant Messaging does the same thing. If you want to sell the SameTime client seperately, you should bundle the Notes Client as a bonus too, maybe new customers would see what a nice program it is, especially Notes 8 which will replace Microsoft Office.

8 localhost commented Permalink

The pages you listed look great. Perhaps add a link to a photo gallery for each product/brand. For example:http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/photos.wss?rN=11&topic=242

Also, how do customers find those nifty product pages? I'd say that's your biggest problem. I think most everyone will search for your product name, and start at result #1.

9 localhost commented Trackback

Brian - rather than use the long URL's above did you know that you can use;

These are easier to remember and find :-)

10 localhost commented Permalink

This is all excellent feedback. All very good points and I like all the details you are noticing that I didn't even ask about.

One of the things we are working on is making the pages more prominent so people don't have to hunt for them.
Very good points about the marketing material being infused with the technical info. This is just the kind of stuff we need to hear.
Charles or anyone else, if you could unclutter the pages, is there anything on the ST page right now that you would keep?

11 localhost commented Trackback

As a web developer, I would recommend following (X)HTML standards. The pages say they are of doctype xhtml1-transitional but they don't validate as such: e.g. it's script type="text/javascript" now and not 'script language=...' etc. Also: start using Semantic HTML and CSS for layout instead of tables... Should't IBM be an example for us all?

12 localhost commented Permalink

I second that url suggestion. I sometimes find myself guessing at urls, only to find that the product I was looking for has its info in another "productX.nsf" than the one I was looking in.

13 localhost commented Trackback

I'd like to see the Top 10 reasons for Sametime.

14 localhost commented Permalink

I'd like to see the system requirements for Notes8. Also I don't want to see the data sheets for Notes 7 in the Notes8 page. Probably you don't have them, if you intend them to be there later, put in a placeholder. A single link to "older versions" should be somewhere.

If you want to try for look and feel, try unarchiving the old R5 notes.net and looking for it for inspiration. I know you have to fit within the guidelines of the overall IBM site, but you can innovate within that.
I feel it's all marketing related. "How can I sell it" etc. What about "Look how good it is and you can do *this* with it"? Something along those lines. Specific link for BP marketing/sales/whatever but not the main site purpose.
Other than that, much better.

15 localhost commented Trackback

I would love to see a requirements page that lists not only the os that can be used with the domino version but what versions of add-on such as sametime or LEI are required. It should let you select the different version of domino and see their requirements instead of having to find the release notes for each version. With the supported OS's changing with point releases this currently is a real pain to find.This is something each IBM product should have. There are times that you have an OS installed and need to see what version works with it.

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