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1 localhost commented Permalink

Could you hide the Journal links when the user doesn't have a journal.nsf? The seems best.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I don't think you necessarily increase usage of something that may not be that useful just because you expose it. My vote is leave it off.

A Stronger vote would be to devote resources to better "real" PIM capabilities that interact with data from databases whether they be PNAB or other databases. Just my vote.

3 localhost commented Permalink

My experience as a Notes teacher is that once people learn about the Personal Journal they find it quite useful. Therefore I think it would be used more often if it would be easier to create/find so I vote for putting it on the Bookmark bar.

4 localhost commented Permalink

While the look & feel could be changed/improved to match the evolving client, the function of the Journal is pretty much (IMHO) where it needs to be at this point. My experience maps to Mr. de Jong's except for Blackberry/Treo/PDA users - once they see that they have a place to enter 'random' lists in Notes that sync with their PDA and back, they really start using it. So, I would include it on the launcher.Of course, it's always seemed logical to me to merge it and use the mail file to store it as well. I've never understood why it has to be a separate NSF.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Consistency is a strong reason to put a link to the Personal Journal on the bookmark bar or launcher. Giving it the same name as its counterpart in the DWA interface, the Notebook, would provide another measure of consistency.

If it must remain a separate database, I think that the Journal would be more used if there were more links between it and the mail file. For example, even though the mail Archive is a separate database, it can be opened from the Tools menu in the mail folder pane. An option for "New Journal Entry" in the "Copy Into New" menu (assuming there is one) could also prove handy.
Related to the above, I think that it would also be good to make it easy to schedule the synchronization of the Journal and Contacts with those in the DWA interface. It has been difficult to explain to people that the process for synchronization is separate from that of replication -- two similar concepts. This is a glaring inconsistency (though I know it has its reasons).

6 localhost commented Trackback

Like everything else, this should be policy controlled. I can easily imagine not wanting to let my users do this in a large environment. Why? Because when they create a Personal Journal, they're going to start keeping records in an unmanaged, un-backed-up tool that's local to their machine, and isn't part of their roaming profile.

I realize it says "personal" and therefore the user presumably shouldn't use it for business-critical information. Unfortunately, this is not the normal course of how the world works. And I might, in my environment, want very much to push my users in a direction where they keep draft-type information in a central repository where it's backed up, but not visible to other users until they publish it. Y'know... a content management system. :-)

7 localhost commented Permalink

We seem to have several camps:

1) People who don't know about or use the Journal2) People who seem to confuse it with other PIM functions3) Administrators who want to centrally control it, and if they can't, disable it through policy or assume that because it is not centrally controlled (and backed up) that it cannot possibly be of any business value.
For those of us that actually use the Journal, we recognise that it's a simple and powerful business tool, because it allows any end user to easily store, catalog, find and retrieve rich-text content.
I for one would like to have Lotus provide some universal way of saving, searching and extracting content from the Journal to any other Notes application, much in the same way that the printer or replication service is available for any Notes application.
But even if Lotus doesn't extend it in this way, it is easy for any competent power users to extend it themselves programatically.

8 localhost commented Permalink

I vote put it on the Launcher. And while you're add it, you could remove one of the Bookmark folder icons. Do you really need a Databases folder, a Favorites folder, and a More Bookmarks folder? How about instead just one folder and keep the ability to add subfolders. Oh and if you have browser settings to be something other than Notes, can you take away the Internet Explorer Links folder. Who uses that anyway? That's what your Favorites in IE or Bookmarks in Firefox are for. Just my $0.02.

9 localhost commented Permalink

I agree that this is a lower priority than mail, calendar, contact, and then to-do.

However, Personal Journal should be on the Launcher, but secondary since it is not an overly important feature. Outlook provides a comparable Post-it feature on the main page, but a much, much smaller icon than the mail, calendar, etc buttons.
I also agree that it needs consistency with DWA, but I'm not a fan of either the name Notebook or Personal Journal. Personal Journal sounds like one should be making "Dear Diary" entries about co-workers and Notebook sounds, well, uninteresting and unclear. Since most people that use it store random, but important to them, information, I'd suggest a new name. Too bad you can't call it Notes, but that name is already taken. I think that it what most PDAs call it.

10 localhost commented Permalink

Eggzactly. I feel we need to have it by default first before putting a link there.

My vote is create it if it doesn't exist during the install then link to it.
All the other stuff about server side etc comes after actually getting folks to use it. Nice to have but if we're going to have it around at all lets make it default and out there in front.
Once we have it we can then control it later. It's nice to give a little personal freedom in an increasingly controlled world, gives the poor users the impression they actually own something. Of course it adds to any migration complexity, but that's already a job in it's own right and shouldn't get that much more difficult for one more db.
Public health warnings about "use it/can lose it" could go in the about doc. Not much of a change, but a powerful message IMHO at least.

11 localhost commented Permalink

You have to have a journal. It is not an option.

Every PDA (esp. Blackberry) syncs with one.
It would be a major issue if it didn't exist.
Usage is low because it is an option now, there are no set links to it. It is seperate from the mail file. And it is WEAK in features.
So instead of focusing on why people didn't use it before, make the world's best journal that is easy to access and THEY WILL COME.
** PS: Notes should take this opportunity to get the GTD (getting things done) crowd to love Notes. Incorporate that into to-do and journal and you get massive online buzz.

12 localhost commented Permalink

Follow-up to my post above.

When I do a "Copy Into.. New Calendar Entry", why can't it try and guess the date and time by reading the email message and looking for "dates" and "time". It just seems so easy...

13 localhost commented Permalink

I use journal database a LOT. I'm also a BlackBerry user and I have my journal.nsf synchronized between my Notes and my BlackBerry (roaming + BES). I use it for everything else that mailbox, calendar, to do and address book does not provide. I keep all my notes in it, and all important information that I need quick access to whenever I go (since I always have my BlackBerry with me).

I think Journal is a great future, but it is Notes' best kept secret. One big reason why not to many people use it, is because it does not get created automatically and users just tend to ignore something that is not really there ready for them to use it.
I strongly believe that Journal should be treated with equal importance as mail, calendar and to do, since it is a fourth piece of the puzzle. Without it, my Notes experience just would not be complete.
WRT adding journal icon the bookmarks by default, I'm all for it, but.... make it a preference that user can turn on/off on the go for any of the icons on the bookmarks bar, instead of having the user to delete it (hide/unhide).

14 localhost commented Permalink

One more comment on the Journal:

It is true that a lot of users use their mail file for the functions that really belong to the Journal database. I think this should be addressed. Mail file is being used for too many things, and it became unmanageable, not just the size wise but the content size as well.
I would like to see more tools added to journal.nsf, better integration with the mail file (moving e-mails from mailbox into the journal, attachment management, etc.), and better GUI for the journal.

15 localhost commented Permalink

> I vote put it on the Launcher. And while you're add it, you could remove one of the Bookmark folder icons. Do you really need a Databases folder, a Favorites folder, and a More Bookmarks folder? How about instead just one folder and keep the ability to add subfolders.

I agree!

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