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Hi Mary, I think its very cool that you're blogging about Hannover. Your obvious enthusiasm literally jumps out of your writings and is great to see.

I have a couple of questions I wonder if you could answer at some point?
1. From what I understand, Hannover will be released in two different versions that will share the same "codebase". A rich client version based on Eclipse and a traditional client (to suit older machines, Citrix etc). If this shared codebase is indeed the case, can I take it we will see improvements across both clients in regards to the basic framework? (eg, menu rationalisation blogged about previously).
2. As an extension to this, the Eclipse client is clearly bringing with it a whole new set of UI widgets that won't be available on the traditional client. How does this impact the underlying template architecture? Do we still have a traditional looking mail template when viewed in the traditional client - and when viewed in the Eclipse client, it will do some form of translation on-the-fly (akin to iNotes) to create the richer experience we're seeing in the demo screenshots? Or will they be entirely different databases?
I guess what I'm trying to get an idea of is will I see improvements regardless of the client used? Eg, something that has bothered me for a long time is the fact that the PAB doesn't look anything like Mail. In this blog post, you say that Anuphinh (Noy) Wanderski is working on "Contacts". Do her improvements to Contacts only apply to the Eclipse client, or both?
3. Notes has all sorts of oddities and quirks with many of the UI widgets it renders. As a developer, I often don't use specific Notes UI widgets because they just look plain ugly or behave differently to what I/my users might expect. If Eclipse vs Traditional share the same codebase, does that mean we can expect to see improvements/debugging of UI widgets across the board?

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Colin,Let me work up an answer to you in a real blog posting. The short answers are yes, the "traditional" client as you call it will also have improvements.

Most of the changes to forms will appear in both clients, so the re-design of the "new contact" form will appear in both clients.

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