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1 localhost commented Permalink

In my opinion, it wasn't a mistake, it was a blunder to have first said it would be OFF, post a blog entry about it eliciting responses and then a day later say it will be ON by default. It gives the impression that there was more than just a communication breakdown somwhere. Somebody with enough pull was able to force a decision change. Not many people will be happy with this. Reminds me of Garnet.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I take full responsibility for the miscommunication-- I misunderstood Margo-- we did not remake the decision, it was I who misunderstood, and Margo corrected the posting a few hours later.

I apologize.

3 localhost commented Trackback

There is no end to the irony on this topic.

4 localhost commented Trackback


We did not make any change in the decision-making this week. All that happened was an erroneous blog post that was live here for a few hours yesterday. We did in fact have a meeting on Tuesday to consider all the blog feedback, but didn't change from where we've been since early betas -- with this feature "on".

5 localhost commented Permalink

FYI - depending on your feed reader/service, the pulled post may continue to be published. In my Google Reader it's still there while in my Sage (a firefox add-on) it's not.

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