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Dave, I don't want to create the wrong impression. I joined a large company that uses Outlook. I knew that that would mean having to use Outlook after 13 years of using Notes, and I joined anyhow. It wasn't a matter of a buyout or my employer switching mid-stream, so I'd have to say I did switch to Outlook voluntarily. I can't say I'm enthusiastic about that particular aspect of my choice of a new employer, but I'm doing my best to remain open minded about it -- and fortuntely, I do still get to work with Notes and Domino as an architect.

More of my Outlook impressions will be posted soon, btw.

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Could you knock on other Outlook customer's doors for additional feedback? I think additional feedback would be useful to include as much input as possible.

Or provide a feedback/input form that could be e-mailed to Outlook customers? You never know, it might assist migrations back to Notes.

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I think active efforts needs to go out to the Outlook users to seek their feedback, especially those who have switched from Notes to Outlook.

A little of my current situation: I'm currently trying to roll out Domino Notes in my company, and the hardest part is to convince the CEO, who said to me candidly before the internal selling: "let me tell you what you are up against - I have used Notes for many years, and everyone I've spoken to agrees with me that the Lotus Notes is a spectacular failure ..."
I also face immense pressure from users that are so accustomed to Outlook. The mere mention of Notes seemed to drive fears deep into their spines. They don't really care about Domino, but if any of them has any prior experience with Notes, they all seemed to be negative ones.
If I actually succeed in selling Domino Notes into my company under such hostile environment - seriously, I should qualify for a technical sales position in the Domino Notes team :-)
Let's see how the demo and pitch is going to work out (in a weeks' time). But my point is, in some parts of the world, at least in Singapore, users love Outlook. The civil service uses Notes, and for some strange reason, that makes every single past and present civil servents (my boss included) hate Notes. There must be something to be learnt here! (I think! :-))

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