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1 localhost commented Permalink

I vote good thing. It should behave like Windows. Or Mac (using the command key).

2 localhost commented Trackback

Wait... does that mean if I have the caret on a document, and I hit spacebar, which selects it, then I down-arrow, down-arrow, down-arrow, and spacebar -- that won't work anymore?

Have you ever had a situtation where you needed to select every second document in a view? I have. I suppose there's just NO good way to do it at this point. But that's certainly a scenario where I'll pine for the old Notes selection model.
Honestly, not that any of this is that big a deal. This only matters for the Java-based Eclipse view-parts, and for the near future, only Lotus will be able to create those anyway -- so the rest of us will be stuck in good ol' Notes-land, where we have the selection model as the old way no matter what we want. So it really doesn't make that much difference, because it's going to be terribly inconsistent no matter what you do in the PIM interface anyway.

3 localhost commented Permalink

> I vote good thing. It should behave like Windows. Or Mac (using the command key).

Totally agreed.

4 localhost commented Permalink

For the PIM apps I guess this would be OK, however looking to the future, if this was the selection model for Notes application, it would cause major issues.

My vote would be for a preference option, ie Notes selection model or O/S selection model.

5 localhost commented Permalink

I also vote no.

The notes selection model was always superior - just not instinctive to new users. Adding Shift+Click to select adjacent documents and Shift+Ctrl to select non-adjacent documents is enough.
I like the way standard views work in the Notes 8 Beta - Shift+Click work. People new to Notes can select documents quickly and easily, and power notes users can do their thing. Whichever way you select documents, you see the ticks appear. You can use either Notes methods (click in gutter or down-down-space) or Windows methods (Ctrl+Click) to add or remove documents You can start a totally new selection by placing the caret then using Shift+Click.
The only thing missing is a keyboard short-cut for deselecting all.

6 localhost commented Permalink

You appear to be able to delect all in a round-about way, after pressing Ctrl+A you just select one item. This resets focus to the current document.

However the lack of a selection gutter and tickmarks makes it hard to visually differentiate a selected document from the current focus.

7 localhost commented Permalink

Sorry that is deselect not delect.

8 localhost commented Trackback

I really use the old way of doing it, its simple and easy to use, it can be done simply using the mouse and not requiring any other input. I use it all the time. I find having to press the ctrl key and then click very slow and cumbersome.

Please please give us the good old Notes way.

9 localhost commented Permalink

To Nathan's point, no, it means that after you press the spacebar and do the selection, you press CTRL while pressing the down arrow, and then press the spacebar to select again. Same effect, just need to press ctrl.

10 localhost commented Permalink

@Nathan - I understood it they way John describes above. You can still make selections they way you want (by holding the Control key down as you arrow-arrow-space). It is different, but just requires the one extra step. Extra steps are typically bad, but in this case it makes list selection in Notes similar to list selection in most Windows applications.

I know that I've had trouble with the Notes selection model in the past. For instance, I'll check several things in the gutter that I want to move to a folder. Then I'll see something I want to delete. My brain switches selection models and I'll click the entry I want to delete and press the delete key. DOH! Now I'm scrolling through the trash trying to find all of the docs I just accidentally deleted. This is especially true when I find myself with an over-quota mail file and 1000+ documents in my Inbox ;).

11 localhost commented Permalink

I vote yes... its a good thing

12 localhost commented Permalink

I found it takes some getting used to. The gutter selection was great for random docs in views. With the OS method, the user is now forced to hold down the control key to click-select, unless you want to navigate, release control to page down or up.

I prefer the gutter selection, a preference solution like Richard Fenwick @5 would be a big help.

13 localhost commented Permalink

One of the key features of the Client software always was the ability to let the user decide, what individual style he wants to use while acting with Notes. So, I agree with the idea to put this into the preferences section and let the user choose his favourite setting.

14 localhost commented Permalink

Do both i.e. have the Notes selection model and the Windows on. This will give the user the choice of what they prefer.

15 localhost commented Trackback

I think, its a good idea.

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