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1 localhost commented Permalink

We've implemented Domain search on company bulletins, knowledge bases, and product information. These are the sorts of things where somebody says, "I read a bulletin about that but have no idea where". The Domain search across multiple databases and their archives does the trick of retrieving that info to confirm or correct their memory.

Another place its used is across our CRM system and its 2-3 years of archives.

2 localhost commented Permalink

We use Domain Search extensivly! What I do miss is an easier way to create a other front-ends, like for example having a Sidebar-application in Notes 8.

3 localhost commented Permalink

we have implemented it but it never took off as a core tool for people. I'm not sure why but I suspect 2 reasons: 1: as mentioned by Patrick it shows links to data that people don't have access to2: the index wasn't quick enough for them. They expected to see the results incclude records that had arrived only moments earlier.

What kind of help do they need? >Something on the screen telling them how up-to-date the index is.>natural language searching>show where the result is coming from (server/database) or server/filepath/filename on a mousover for the link in the results.>make the page submit when the Enter key is used. (and on the database catalog search!)

4 localhost commented Permalink

We use it as part of our intranet where components search Notes databases through domain search. Its not very developer friendly though and I would love better API's for it.

5 localhost commented Permalink

- single point of administration and monitoring- better documentation- faster search results- easy way to use search within a single application only (former site search)- it must be possible to search for values in certain fields only (even if the field does not exist in all databases!!!)- search results should look like in google


6 localhost commented Permalink

One improvement we could use would be the ability to return Notes URLs (when a search is executed from a browser).

Updated UIs for the Catalog and Domain Search would be welcome also.

7 localhost commented Permalink

Is the search bar in Notes 8 customizable? Could a domain search be added to that, or, for small companies like ours, could we provide the ability for users to search individual databases (or views) from the bar. I reckon that would be the most useful for us.

8 localhost commented Trackback

The most anoying UI aspect of domain search is the fact that when you enter a search phrase and then hit the return key, it does nothing. People _have_ to use the mouse to trigger the search (button) they just entered.

9 localhost commented Trackback

We use the domain search. The problem is it gives documents in return that you are not allowed to read :-(

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