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1 localhost commented Trackback

I would like that no startup tabs are defined. Some installations don't use Notes Mail but instead use it only as an application platform, so loading these tabs automatically would be a waste of end user time.


2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi - I personally would be happy to see the decision as to which bookmarks should be lazy loaded at start-up left to the deploying administrator.

3 localhost commented Permalink

The response I have received from my test group is that they would prefer to not have the start-up tabs.

As an administrator I would prefer to be able to define the start-up tabs via policy.

4 localhost commented Permalink

I would have to agree with Keith. My employer is currently migrating away from Notes mail but it would be nice for Domino administrators to control start-up applications through policies.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Sounds to me like you should default these tabs to the startup folder to be "lazy loaded" on a new client, but still allow Admins to control the Startup folder via policies. If they don't want it, they'll have the option to get rid of it.

(Hopefully that policy control is versatile enough to allow Admins to is to either Add to the Users own settings or to completely overwrite the User's settings or as a one-time applied policy on a new install )

6 localhost commented Permalink

It is good enough to have the option of 'pre-loading' apps. It should be up to the admin team in each organization to decide which apps should be there.

7 localhost commented Trackback

The usefulness of auto-load will vary based on job duties and individual preferences: for example, salespeople live by their address book, but many engineers never open theirs; some managers want to print out their calendar at the start of each business day, while others may prefer to keep meetings to a minimum. So I vote for leaving this up to the admin.

8 localhost commented Trackback

There is two sides to this ... some people will hate it, some will love it. But anyone coming from Outlook complains on how slow things take to load in Notes. That is because when you launch outlook, it preloads a bunch of things. It also, by default, opens the inbox first. So users coming from that environment want things to be snappy ONCE the client is loaded.

It needs to be an option that I choose upon install/upgrade. By default, have the option be yes. Let the user and/or the admin make the final decision.

9 localhost commented Trackback

Yup, give us control.

What are you going to do for shops that use Notes for applications, but not for mail? How will you know?

10 localhost commented Trackback

For end users it is a great thing to have those tabs opened, since they find it sometimes difficult to find these modules in Notes today...

Being able to define content of startup folder through policies would certainly be appreciated (when other apps have to be opened too...)

11 localhost commented Permalink

I don't mind the current setup, and it's good that it's customisable. However, I've had a few users ask me how to get rid of the Home and Getting Started tabs from automatically loading up. I found the solution in the Notes8 forum, but wouldn't it be nice if we can customise this from the front end instead of the current solution?

12 localhost commented Permalink

It would be perfect, If we can control this with a policy. I´m working with the Notes 8 Beta and after a few days I removed Calendar and Contact from the Startup Folder.

13 localhost commented Permalink

I'd like to see this be a user configurable option. The user selects what he/she wants to start up on launch. We all work differently, so I don't think it's a good idea to force it one way or the other.

I do think it would be smart put some effort into the UI for managing bookmarks as well. The Firefox "Manage bookmarks" is a good example IMO.
I've been looking for a way to remove that "Getting Started" tab - it was nice the first two times I saw it, but then it got old fast. Now it's just a constant annoyance :-) Of course, it's not in the "Startup" folder, as one would expect.

14 localhost commented Permalink

After the "wow" effect of Notes 8 wore off, removing those autoload PIM tabs was the next thing I did because I found it quite annoying to have these prepopulated.

On the topic of what we'd like to see when Notes launches, I'd prefer to launch into a portal-like environment (Welcome/Home page), which would be one-screen with access to all my application links and with 1-2 key databases that my company wants to open everytime Notes starts (like bulletins or company news). We have this portal-like interface on our current Notes 7 Welcome screen and it works great. I am disappointed that the home page in Notes 8 has an "X" on it so it can be closed. I asked Ed Brill at the Toronto LCTY if we'll be able to prevent the closing of the homepage and make it work like it does now, but he didn't know. For us this is *very* important as we have customized the bookmark.ntf to display a frame from our "portal" database which is contains all navigation and links according to the users role and profile.

15 localhost commented Permalink

Definitely _do not_ open up these tabs by default.

Many organisation staff members just simply dont use personal contacts or calendar. Many many organisations will have normal staff who use Mail and bespoke applications only. Some staff will use personal contacts, sure, but calendars...less so. Joe the Typist isnt going to use calendar much. He doesnt get invited to meetings, and he has his paper diary for personal stuff. [yes some people still use paper diaries!]
What was wrong with the way it was? Its easy to add stuff to startup groups, why change it? Perhaps make it easier for the 'basic' user to add to startup with an Add to Startup checkbox/button somewhere.

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