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Yes Cardiff Uni are out here - I've just fired an email across to Jodi with contact details :)


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We have quite a few DWA only users as well as users who use DWA and Notes users.

The big issues people have with DWA is performance (if your not on the corporate network it's hardly worth the trouble) and compatibility (across browsers, platforms and locked down environments like Internet Cafes/kiosks)

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I was wondering if anyone had fixed the problem between the DWA template and firefox with regards to attachments. I have more details here. I do know there is a workaround but has it been incorporated

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Mary,we are a chemical factory in Belgium, 350 employees, about 200 notes users.We ONLY use the notesenvironment using a browser (ie6).Additional to the dwa-template we use a lot of webbased application :1/Project Database : separate in two goals : storing and sharing mails. We modified the dwa-template so users can store mails in the prm-db instead of there own mailfile (information sharing), without drag and drop the sent mails from ther sent-folder to the database.There are a lot of tools, I can not explain here.2nd part of the projectdatabase is a full webbased document management system. Workflow, revisioning, approvals, attachmenthandling using swing-integrator,....

2/ contacts database : all contacts, private, customers, suppliers. Possible to do mailings etc etc. (mails in de prm-db can also linked to the contacts-db)3/ helpdesk database. Not only for ict-department but also for the research and engineering divisions4/ reporting databases5/ inventory-databases6/ knowledge-database7/ ....
all those database are also linked together, webbased and full integrated with the dwa-client.
you can reach me at jan.vmeirvenne-at-proviron.com(change the -at- by @)

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Our students users (31,000 accounts) and some faculty users primarily use DWA.

Marie ScottVirginia Commonwealth UniversityRichmond, Virginiamlscott@vcu.edu

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