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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Mary Beth,

does this also work in 8.0.2?

2 localhost commented Trackback

Yeah!!!!!!!! Happy Dance!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

3 localhost commented Permalink

How is this effected by the DPI setting in windows?

4 localhost commented Permalink

Sorry, Bernd, not in 802, just 8.5

5 localhost commented Trackback

Yes! That is great news. Mac too, yes?

6 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Mary Beth,

Are there any plans at all to also give the users an option to change their default font, eg: Arial for new email messages.
Besides the size of the fonts, this is probably the biggest font question we receive.

7 localhost commented Permalink

I think the large fonts should depend on the settings of the operating system.

8 localhost commented Permalink

What we need now is for Notes design elements to become fluid so they can accommodate the increased text sizes without breakng.

9 localhost commented Permalink

How about the opposite: making fonts smaller? Working on a laptop, I really miss the screen real estate, and I would love to be able to make my fonts smaller to fit more messages in the screen.

I used to set Display_Font_Adjustment to a negative number in older versions on Notes, but now that's no longer supported :o(

10 jacknews commented Permalink

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