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1 localhost commented Permalink

Thank you for this tip! I have been using/developing/administering Notes for 14 years and had no idea that that button performed a CTRL+Break... guess I just never really thought about it. Thanks again.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I know about it but usually use control-break anyway. Sometimes, the mouse seems to be ignored for this; also, if you've minimized/restored (or changed to a different program and back) the buttons usually don't repaint (most window contents' don't) (not just Notes, of course)...so you can't find it.

But control-break works those times that the button's not accessible or not working. :-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

BTW Mary Beth, I've found that sometimes the "simple math question" returns an error even though I added correctly. I'm starting to think this only happens if the "answer" to the math question is a single digit; I don't remember ever having trouble if the answer was more than one digit....

4 localhost commented Permalink

@Mat, We removed the "Go Back" button because it only went back to Notes things. That is, in the new Notes 8 integration client, where we ship the Symphony editors and an embedded browser, the Go Back would have appeared broken because it would only work in Notes views or documents.

We plan to bring it back when we can. I can't publically commit to a date yet.

5 localhost commented Trackback

Great Tip Mary Beth - turning ON the "Navigation" tool bar was one of the first things I did when "upgrading?" to Notes 8, except...

The thing I LOVED MOST about the navigation tool bar was the "Go-Back" button and the drop-down to "Go Back" to one of the last 20 or so things I had opened recently.
Those options had been there since Notes 5 too.
Where are they in Notes 8, and when are you bringing them back??

6 localhost commented Permalink


You still have the history bookmark folder

7 localhost commented Trackback

I loved about the navigation tool bar.

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