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1 localhost commented Permalink

How can I get an English version of this?

2 localhost commented Permalink

#1, unfortunately I have no plans to post in english ... but, whenever asked, I will be happy to translate. So, here it goes.

Web 2.0 Economics
I just buyed a new book. I know it is kind of odd to comment on a book that To be clear, by now I will not comment on the book content, but rather on the book itself.
The book: Wikinomics. It is basically Wiki+Economics. The book is about what would be a new economy, the Web 2.0 economy.
Like I said, it is too early to comment on the book content (I plan to do that as I read). But I would like to invite you to think about one thing ... just to have such a book is another evidence of the relevance of this topic.
Stay tunned, soon more details about the book for us to talk about.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Mario, Is IBM planning to let the customers post opinions on product portfolio and marketing content?. What do you think?

Thanks, Joao.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Joao, I believe it is not only necessary, it is mandatory that we incorporate this to our culture. And yes, it is happening already.

One of the best examples we have is the Notes 8 blog @ http://www-03.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/marybeth
We have been using this blog as one of the main sources to get feedback on Notes 8 since early beta versions. Many of the decisions around the product came from blog comments.
Other good example is the just released Portal 6.1 Open Beta. Please see details on my personal blog @ http://mariocosta.typepad.com

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