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11 amy_travis commented Permalink

@RobHayden --

re: "I'd have thought something more clearly visible to the user to say "Stop bringing these things to the Front" would be very helpful. " -- I like that suggestion. I can imagine many users not knowing how to change the default behavior. Thanks!

12 tinusriyanto commented Permalink

Sometimes I need an "On the way home" sort of status where people know they can leave me message but don't expect any reply until I reach my destination.

13 jadintx.disabled commented Permalink

"In a meeting" is definitely helpful, and I have found for some people it means "do not ping me" and for some it means "I may not respond right away" (it also helps if they change the status to be that explicit). As far as wanting additional settings...I do like the idea of having an icon that indicates "I'll be back soon." For some reason when I see the yellow diamond, I immediately think they've left and forgot to sign off or something. Maybe an icon with a little timer or clock....something that would indicate that they've intentionally placed the status on away because they know they'll be back soon.

14 amy_travis commented Permalink

@Tinus and @Joyce -- great suggestions, thank you!

15 Weve commented Permalink

I can see some of our users who started to use meeting status and I have also found it useful. Sometimes I miss status "lunch". So I'd not bother my colleagues with calls 'cause I know that they would be back in hour

16 jtwardow commented Permalink


Sometimes it is difficult to identify a single entry that everyone wants. How about a user definable status or an admin definable status that becomes part of the permanent list.

17 Don.McNally commented Permalink

I think generally the four statuses are sufficient. I find people use "In a meeting" a lot to be able to receive messages but only if really necessary.

It would be cool if you could be prompted with the option to set your status to Do Not Disturb when you start presenting in a Sametime meeting. You need the option in case you need to be able to have a chat as part of the meeting.
I wish sometimes that the Away status would indicate how long they have been away, or show a difference between an automatic change to that status and one that was set by the user.

18 BernardF commented Permalink

A major annoyance to me is the way privacy lists interact with the status. Sometimes I have to set my status to "Do Not Disturb", but I still need to be reachable by certain people, and the privacy list ("Enable the following people to see me as available...") is great for that.
The problem is that people in the list see me as "available", so they have no idea I'm doing something important and that I prefer not to be disturbed. My preference would be that the people in that list still saw my status as "Do Not Disturb", but still had the option to ping me if something really urgent came up (while others not in the list would retain the existing behaviour and be unable to ping me at all).

19 KeithCollyer commented Permalink

I'm not sure that you need more status settings, but perhaps more clarity of what they mean. "Available" and "Away" are pretty obvious, and really so is "Do Not Disturb" - but does "Do Not Disturb" tell a caller anything more than "Away" does? In both cases you know you will likely not get a response. I think of them as:

- Available: I will respond fairly soon
- In a Meeting: I may respond, depending on how involved I am in the meeting (how many of us have long ST chats while we are "In a Meeting"?)
- Do Not Disturb: I will not respond (in fact I will positively ignore you)
- Away: I will not respond (because I am not here, or pretending not to be here)
The only real difference between the last two is that you have to manually set DND. I actually quite like the Away status, but it isn't always accurate if set automatically, for example, I could be sitting by my computer waiting for a ping while I get on with some reading.
I think I could live with three values:
- Foreground: the window will pop up and I will answer ASAP (though I hate the fact that it takes the keyboard focus, which is why I have set it to just flash on the taskbar, more like...)
- Background: the window won't pop up, but I may notice a notification
- Ignore: I won't even see a notification, so probably won't know you have tried to contact me

20 amy_travis commented Permalink

@Joyce -- Sounds like maybe you're suggesting a difference between "Idle" and "Away" -- that one should be user settable, and the other is handled by the system. Interesting...

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