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11 NotesGuy commented Permalink

Hi Amy.
1. I average somewhere in the 5-8 range, with a group chat thrown in at times. Most I think I have had is around 10 or 12.
2. Could not live without tabbed windows (I like my tabs vertical along the left). Anything more than one chat would = one more items/windows contributing to that ADHD feeling.
3. For multiple chats, it might be nice to have an accordion format (like Notes sidebar) so I can view 2 chats at the same time w/o having to go to extra windows.

I use ST nearly as much as email, so important info is happening all the time in there. Chat history is great, and I keep mine on a local drive, but searching thru it to find *that* chat from a few weeks ago is challenging. I would also like less clicks to change my status. Last, I find the ST window (which is started from the embedded Notes client) often looses focus when it should be present, or stays on top when it should go behind.

12 SouthPaw commented Permalink

1. About how many chats do you tend to have open at once? 3 What's the most you've ever had open? ~12

2. Do you use tabbed chat or separate chat windows? separate chat windows Why do you prefer the approach that you use? The tabbed chat interface is cumbersome.
3. Any thoughts on what would make it easier to manage multiple chats at once? Allow docking of Chat Windows. Log to Mail file with standalone sametime.

13 amy_travis commented Permalink

@mdejong -- thanks for your feedback. Great idea re: the Copy Into button!

Regarding hovering over chats to see which one is most recent -- do you ever use the taskbar flashing to discover new chat messages? I find that alert to be pretty helpful -- with separate windows, it should just flash the name of the person who posted the new message.

14 amy_travis commented Permalink

@johncawrey -- Interesting idea around the different chat threads. I think for this to work in a not-too-cumbersome way, you'd need both chat parties to see the same split, so that you wouldn't have to keep moving your chat partner's text from one thread to the next...

For example, you and your chat partner are talking about work and a football game. You select all the football text, and say "Move to separate thread", and label it "football". Now you and your chat partner would see two separate threads, the initial one, and the "football" one, so you'd know which one to type into depending on the topic.
Is this the sort of thing you're picturing?

15 amy_travis commented Permalink

@NotesGuy: I like your accordian-format model for chats -- very cool idea!

Any thoughts on what might make chat history work better for you?
Also, can you tell me the clicks you're using to change your status? Are you changing the message, as well? Is that why it's multiple clicks?

16 amy_travis commented Permalink


When you say "docking chat windows" -- what are you picturing? Docking as separate widgets in the Notes client? Docking to the side of your screen?
Also, can you explain what you meant by "Log in to Mail file with standalone Sametime" -- are you suggesting that logging in to Sametime would also log you in to Notes?

17 StuartHickson commented Permalink

1. Normally 2-3 with up about 5 at times.
2. I use tabbed, vertically. Saves screen real estate is the reason and I can respond to multiple chats faster but can lead to me typing in the wrong chat window!
3. I connect to multiple communities like IBM internal, Greenhouse, LotusLive (although I'm locked out of that at the moment as I run ST 8.5.2 beta which is a pain), SUT, IBM gateways and also think it would be good if there were no default community as such. Different tabs could be different colours depending on which community they were from. Being able to change the behaviour of Notifications depending on the person (i.e. manager) would be useful (not multi-chat related really I know).

18 letocj commented Permalink

1. 5 - 6
2. Tabbed, so I don't have to much stuff on the taskbar
3. When a new chat message comes in from one of the current sessions that is not in focus. It would be nice, that if I have the window to come to the front that it will also switch to that tab and not just flashing the user. If the window already has focus I can understanding just flashing the user. A fix for the window to remember the size and location. Hopefully this is fixed in 8.5.3

19 Wannes Rams commented Permalink

1. Should be between 1 and 5, maximum should be like 7 or 8 I guess
2. I use tabbed, first thing I change in the preferences after an install
3. Maybe add the possibility to focus on a certain tab from the taskbar and / or taksbar icon

20 johncawrey commented Permalink

@14, yes thats exactly what i was thinking, although I hadn't considered naming them.

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