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1 brenny commented Permalink

Great post.
You are now officially the master of vlogging at My dW.
I was saying that I don't really see the point of videos to demo technical material, but I see now that it can make a difference if it is done in an interesting way.

so the one thing I would note here is a qualification (which you do say at the head of the post but bears repeating).
There is a pre-req step to this, which is that you have to have a My dW blog in order to take advantage of this. Maybe that's obvious, but might not be immediately clear to all users.
Speaking of which, I need to update my template.

2 SumaChakrabarti commented Trackback

I find demos are more easy to understand as one can see whats happening.. only problem I find is - loading the video from home n.w is bit slow ..

What recording software do you use to create demos? I would like to experiment.

3 mullerj commented Permalink

Suma Shastry - Try .. it is easy to use and has a trial version. Good luck, have fun!