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I installed the previous version, 2.20 for Linux, manually so I went for manual upgrade to 2.21. All went fine, except I was unable to find ER plugin ZIP file in Linux 2.21 package.Is it left out of package or am I missing something?

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Hi Davorin,

The ER plugin zip file is not inside the linux 2.21 package. It is a separate download link. It is currently missing from the IBM free software download page. The webmaster is looking into that. It should be uploaded soon.

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Hi Leo,

thanks, I have downloaded the ER plugin today.However, I didn't succeed in installing it.I put it into $OAT_INSTALL_DIR/plugin_installand went to Plugin Manager screens. It shows up under Plug-ins not yet installed, after I click "Install" the license agreement shows up but after clicking "Agree" a blank screen pops up and the plugin is not installed.
I use XAMPP install, not the latest automated one, and I upgraded from 2.20 to 2.21 manually without issues except this one.In the XAMPP Apache error_log I can see that one of the Apache children exits with segmentation fault.I have turned on error logging in php.ini but couldn't get any more info.

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Hi Davorin,

The blank screen after clicking on "Agree" when installing a plugin can happen if there are no write permissions on the $OAT_INSTALL_DIR/plugin directory. Please verify that write permissions exist on that directory.

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Hi Erika,

thanks for pointing me in the right direction.It was installed successfully this time.

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