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1 southworth comentou às Link permanente

Nice effects! Now I have to see the movie.

2 thartric comentou às Link permanente

You keep me coming back week after week...

3 ruterbo comentou às Link permanente

I can't believe it's already week five, but I CAN believe all the ways you've driven your skills and expertise in bringing your project to LIFE!! We are all riveted and awaiting each installment so we can share with you all the great ways you're using IBM products and technologies in your skills assignment! You GO!

4 annebev comentou às Link permanente

Very entertaining. I want to see the movie now too. Did you see it at that nice theater at the Domain? I haven't made it there yet. Looks like you're making good progress on your project.

5 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

Thank you! The movie had really cool special effects, despite the bad reviews I thought it was very entertaining and no I didnt see it at the Domain theatre but I would like to go there in the future, I heard its really nice.

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