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I like your Basketball gear!

2 thartric comentou às Link permanente

Hey Christian, I like the style of your videos. Reminds me a bit of Bill Nye The Science Guy years ago, but with a slant toward computer technology. BTW, I sent you a colleague request to add you to my My dW network. I manage the support and some of the feature development for the developerWorks web site.

3 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

Lol yea I remember Bill Nye..that was a cool dude. Awesome, I will add you to my network, and thanks for watching!

4 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

Nice dunk :-)

5 ruterbo comentou às Link permanente

Gotta love the knee-hi / loafer combo! I didn't think it could happen, but this one is even better than last week's. It must be the live sports action, or maybe the exploding letters/numbers. Or, probably just the whole four minutes were GREAT!

6 southworth comentou às Link permanente

Have you considered going Pro? I guess your first choice would be the Spurs, but I would recommend the Celtics, they could use you.

7 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

I've carefully considered going pro, I would be the first first Computer Scientist to make it in the NBA, which sounds pretty cool...So I may or may not be currently in secret negotiation with the Spurs GM to get me a spot on the roster....I'll keep you guys updated, in the meantime keep watching my vlog episodes : )

And to answer the overwhelming feedback I've been getting on my amazing basketball shoes...they are the "Air Palmisano's"...
Oh yea, and watch out for the Weekly Whit coming soon to the DW channel!

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