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1 southworth comentou às Link permanente

Great Vlog! Looking forward to more vlogs and how the building of the stack goes..

2 bobleah comentou às Link permanente

Awesome first vlog! I interned 34 years ago at the IBM San Jose complex.. and decided to stick around. I still remember that summer like it was yesterday! BTW: welcome to the team!!!

3 PeterYim comentou às Link permanente

Good job Christian! Just wonder what technology did you use to produce the video?

4 thartric comentou às Link permanente

Christian, welcome to the dW team in Austin! I interned in the 1980's for IBM in Boca Raton FL and ended up working here in RTP NC on developerWorks about 7 years ago. I am really looking forward to keeping up with your vlog!

5 tdc comentou às Link permanente

Welcome! Very nice job. Was laughing at the difference between what they gave you (nice tpad) vs. what they gave me my first day on the job. I called it my Mean Green Screen:
Of course, that was a few years ago...

6 ruterbo comentou às Link permanente

This is such a great vlog Christian -- I really like how you've integrated the footage with the graphics. Outstanding!

7 annebev comentou às Link permanente

Very fun. Makes me feel like I'm back on the Austin IBM campus instead of my home office. Steve S is a great guy to work with. I'm one of the dW PM's. I hope you enjoy your IBM experience and some weird Austin.

8 mullerj comentou às Link permanente

Welcome to the dW Christian! I am on the dW design team. Your video reminded me of my graduate school days when I rode my bicycle everywhere. Now that I work from home in Orlando, I miss commuting by bike .. but I still will ride to a local library or coffee shop just to get on the bike and out of the house. Have fun in Austin ... I have never been there, so I enjoyed seeing the area on your vlog.

9 jackptester comentou às Link permanente

Christian, this is a great start and fun to watch. Wishing you the best this summer.

10 LadyVee comentou às Link permanente

Nice work, Christian! Looking forward to episode 2.

11 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! I appreciate all the feedback and kind comments, also big thanks to Steve Southworth for helping come up with some of the ideas for the vlog! I'm excited to be on the team!

12 christianIBM comentou às Link permanente

Thank you!

I used :
Camera : Panasonic DVX-100a
Video / Audio Editing : Sony Vegas 9 (+ plugins)
Special FX / Animation : Adobe After Effects
Picture Editing : Adobe Photoshop
And lots of RAM...

13 Satish_Upadhyay comentou às Link permanente

Wow!! what a wonderful vlog. Looking forward to your next episode.

14 egd comentou às Link permanente

Welcome to developerWorks!! Hope you have a great summer. You're off to a great start with your blog; it's fantastic. Looking forward to future episodes.

15 kczap comentou às Link permanente

Christian, Did you get a Camera Pass from Site Security? :) :) Nice Job.

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