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1 IvoMurris commented Permalink

Cool, as far as it goes. I'm responsible for a large hosted VDI deployment - comparable to IBM's SBDC offering and am interested but not so excited . We are using Whiptail XLR8r appliances, 2U high storage appliances and they do 250k IOPS each. In a clustered pair they present 24 TB of single FS storage from 4U and deliver 500k WRITE IOPS sustained. Sure those are from SSD's but we are running them hard and no degradation seen for over 6 months - garanteed for 5 years and costing < $ 300k for the pair of them, Also we have tiered storage based on NexentaStor, using ZeusRAM and 6G SAS shelves ... doing well over 100k IOPS (50/50 W/R) for less then 100 k$ with clustered 50 TB. Adding 20 shelves would bring it to 1 PB and 1 MIOPS for a total price of < 500 k$. How much would that SONAS kit cost?

Contact me if you want for more details.