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WarGames is such a great film. It was watching that when I was 5 or 6 that got me interested in computers. Although the technology is showing its age (not to mention the security), it still seems relevant today. I wonder how many other people born in the late 70s got into computers from watching that film?

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I was just purusing developerWorks this evening doing some work around RSS for a site I manage when I decided to drop in and check the latest conversation.Your comments on the Air Force sure caught my eye! Why -- well I have family in the Air Force - Special Opps to be exact and reflecting back on the film WarGames gave me pause to reflect -- your analogy is on target!

3 localhost commented Permalink

This is interesting news for me. I'm a computer programmer in the AF. By the way, I really enjoy the Rational Rose software, I think you might have had something to do with that.I wish other IBM products were that easy to use...this site's registration process included...why ask for email address twice on the same form? How about the feedbacks...is there really a need to turn it into a customer information gathering marathon (marketing information)?IBM...

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