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Comments (2)

1 GerardoSantana commented Permalink

Hello Mark,

I'm a Mac OS X and Ruby (http://www.ruby-lang.org/) enthusiast. It was exciting when Informix for Mac OS X was announced, as well as MacRuby (http://www.macruby.org/).
Ruby/Informix (http://ruby-informix.rubyforge.org) has helped us a lot for rapid development. But there are some processes that require a lower level approach, which are written in ESQL/C.
I'd love to use Objective-C and Grand Central Dispatch to improve these processes, along with Xgrid, and I think an Objective-C interface for Informix would be helpful.
What do you think?

2 MarkJamison commented Permalink

Hi Gerardo,

I agree completely it would great to have a native interface to objective C and Central dispatch. I would point out though that if you use esql/c to only precompile , you can take the associated .c files and incorporate them into your Objective C. It's certainly not ideal, but's it not too horrible either.

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