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1 localhost commented Permalink

- When it comes to creation of DVD's for bundling software, does the various encoding standards or region classification (NTSC, PAL, region 1, 2, 3 etc)come into consideration? I know these are TV standards, not sure if it applies to software too.- What about those customers who don't have DVD reader yet ... example mom and pop shops, students etc. Assuming every one has DVD reader is a wrong assumption. For such customer there should be an alternative line ftp downloads, CD etc- We need to think global acceptability.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Thanks for the comment Anup.

- Video encoding standards and DVD regions are not relevant for software.
- DVD would be a replacement for CD and would not replace electronic downloads which in most cases represent the most convenient and lowest distribution method. Some option to obtain media on CD would be preserved, at least in the short term.
- Not sure how global acceptability fits into this discussion.

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