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1 ScottAmbler commented Permalink

I'd like to see IBM provide greater support of IBM focused user groups, such as Rational User Groups, Websphere User Groups, Informix User Groups, and so on. We've got a lot of great people with interesting experiences to share, yet we don't seem to leverage them well enough IMHO. Kudos to anyone currently involved with user groups.

Furthermore, it would be behoove us to start doing presentations on advanced topics at such user groups. For example, agile database techniques would be a great presentation which many Informix UGs would be interested in. "Smarter Planet stories" would be something any user group would be interested in. Let's get the word out there about the great work that we're doing.

2 gbowerman commented Permalink

Scott, thanks for the comment, and I echo your kudos to the people who get involved. I think we need to figure out how to publicize user groups and their meetings better to reach all the potential users in a region. I think increasing attendance would help a lot.

The user meetings we've done in Beaverton usually have feedback forms for people to request additional topics, but I think you're right we should brainstorm for a wider range of topics that integrate some of the hot technologies people are interested in.

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