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1 jmarka commented Permalink

Does IBM or this community keep a running list of POWER Linux distributions that are kept up to date?

2 ranger commented Permalink

On the Enterprise side, you will find that both Red Hat and SuSE both support POWER and are certainly kept up to date.

On the community side, most common distrubutions support POWER in some fashion. You will find that Fedora, Gentoo, and Debian all support it.

3 ppcaddon commented Permalink

nice news! I'll try asap on my Intellistation 285 that actually is running CRUX PPC 64bit (my favorite distro).

4 jscheel commented Permalink

This link to the IBM Information Center might be helpful:  Supported Linux distributions for POWER7® and POWER6® Servers

5 BrianSeklecki commented Permalink

FYI it seems to boot, and the menu-based anaconda install works, on a Power6 520, but the Grub2 boot loader doesn't know how load after the install.

Installed onto a single internal SAS drive.
Something about a MSDOS2/Fat12 partition on /dev/sda4, but Grub doesn't know how to parse the Open Firmware devaliases for 'hd' (or lack there of), and the SMS menu doesn't help.
We'll see what happens when F17 is Release. Maybe a FAQ in the DeveloperWorks WIKI is called for?

6 ranger commented Permalink


I'd be interested in debugging your situation. We are looking at something similar when other distributions are present, so perhaps that is what is going on. I also have a theory for another bug that could be like yours as well. If you can join us on IRC @, we're on #fedora-ppc.