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1 DATABASEARCHITECT commented Permalink

I would prefer the following set of subjects.

1) DB2 for SQL Server DBAs
2) DB2 for Oracle DBAs
3) DB2 for Experienced DBAs
4) DB2 for Windows
Kind Regards
Anil Mahadev
Database and Virtualization Architect
IDUG India 2007-2008 and 2009 CPC and Chairman
Principal DB2 Evangelist since 2004 in India
1st Information Champion for DB2 from INDIA

2 LadyVee commented Permalink

Great! Thanks Anil. This is very helpful. Since you're one of the first 5 to respond, you get to choose a book. Which would you like?

3 bgould commented Permalink

I think that it would be really great to have some best practices around using things db2look, db2move, import, export, etc. Moving data between tables on different servers has always given me problems, and hearing how the experts do it would be great.

4 Willie commented Permalink

pureSQL and Compresssion

5 Willie commented Permalink


How about similarities between DB2 LUW and DB2 for z/OS? We always talk about the differences. However, the latest releases are starting to look very similar, especially the SQL.

6 asironi47 commented Permalink

DB2 pureScale
DB2 for z/OS vs. DB2 for LUW similarities and differences

7 __Tim__ commented Permalink

DB2 Express-C with DB2 Spatial Extender

8 jmueller commented Permalink

I would prefer something about "Best practices about Storage"
- how many LUN, 1GB for each LUN or more...
- how can we stripe in a DS8x storage
- DS4x vs. DS8x

I know the written best practices, but I need more knowing how we can use storage with DB2.
- fixpack update
- Upgrade to a higher version 9.5 to 9.7

9 JordanMartz commented Permalink

Help a guy get started. I need to move away from Microsoft. Let's make that happen.
1) DB2 for SQL Server DBAs
2) DB2 for Experienced DBAs

10 error using simhadr.Linux commented Permalink

Hi , i know i am not the first five to comment , but still i would really love to have a session that focus on the Scaling attributes in DB2 pureSCALE


11 ibm_works commented Permalink

You really have quick on the mark to be one of the first five comments here.
As a professional DBA contractor I believe we need more examples on how to migrate from other databases to DB2.
Without question the other competitors have a strong hold the database market and what I hear all the time is the cost of licenses for these databases.
IBM's DB2 in my opinion could be biggest shake up in database market.

12 LadyVee commented Permalink

Great suggestion, Benjamin! So tell me ... which book would you prefer?

13 LadyVee commented Permalink

Thanks Anil, Benjamin, Willie, Angelo, Tim, Joachim, Jordan and Vibhaw for your suggestions! These are all really good ideas! I will review the topics and let you know which topic we will cover in the upcoming virtual session. Perhaps we will do a series of topics. Hmmm ... something to think about. :-) Stay tuned!

Oh, by the way ... congratulations to Anil, Benjamin, Willie, Angelo and Tim! You are eligible to receive a free book of your choice. So tell me ... which would you prefer?

14 LadyVee commented Permalink

Hey Erik! Yes, you have to move quickly to take advantage of free offers. :-)

Live examples of how to migrate from other databases to DB would be very beneficial to the community. Thanks for your feedback.

15 AlexandreTorres commented Permalink

I think that a great issue is the diferences about Oracle structure and DB2-LUW. We can talk about the tools of DB2-LUW (db2pd, db2mtrk, db2move, db2look...), HADR, LBAC and Workload Manager (WLM).

Alexandre Torres.

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